What would you do?

  1. I'm a little bit annoyed with my usual SA. True, I "cheat" and shop at other LVs but my purchase history speaks for itself. Normally, I've been invited to every LV event under the sun. The last event I went to was this summer's preview of the cruise collection and nothing since. WTF?!

    I found out there had been a couple of events since and I wasn't invited. Why not? Don't I spend enough to merit a little free Moet once in a while?

    Anyway, I have a call in to my SA to find out what happened to the LVOE.

    By the way, I found out during a recent visit that I was not on the WL for items that I'd been assured I was waitlisted for. I was fortunate enough to find another LV boutique and SA who was more than willing to add me to the top of her list. Switching is looking better and better.

    But if it was you, what you do?
  2. switch to another SA just hope your new SA is in a large volume store so you can still get your pick of the LE's
  3. I too would have switched SA's... sorry to hear that your last SA wasn't informing you on awesome LV parties and waitlisting you. :sad:
  4. Not as sorry as I was, John. I plan on having a long talk with her today to explain why I'm making the switch. I may not be a celebrity but I spend quite a lot.
  5. I would have totally changed also.
  6. I'm in the same boat i've a sneeky suspicion I've been bumped a couple of times now considering I gave a list of bags I wl a couple of months before the lookbook came out I haven't received any calls & I haven't found them very helpful with either pulling in items or holding them which never used to be a problem.
    Now I've added much roughly how much I've spent this year (I'm afraid to post amount lol) lets just say it's a lot so I don't think I deserve this (not that any customer doea). During the limelight saga we called another store within 10 minutes the Manager had called every store in Europe with the bag & called back 1 week later I'm still waiting for london just to even call back to see what I wanted.

    I think I'm switching stores for bags but will have to stick to old store for shoes I need a store that can come through for me somewhere my money is appreciated

    Sorry long rant

  7. Maybe it's some kind of new LV marketing policy. They know they "have" us and so they're saving invites to draw in new customers. Whatever it is, it's not good. Like you, Claire, I added up how much I spent and it kind of make a bit ill -- I spent HOW MUCH on handbags? Eeek.
  8. I think you should switch SAs.

    I don't think it's about how much money you spend (although it is a huge factor), but rather how much responsibility that SA is willing to take. Some people are just naturally very responsible and they keep their word, while others promise to call you back or something and never have the intention of doing so.
  9. IMO, quality and service, both should equally with the same respect.
  10. I would go with your first instinct and switch to someone who is going to be helpful and get you the things that you are looking for, as well as invites to all of the parties. The only reason I wouldn't switch is if your SA has a good reason for being so flaky when you talk to them. Otherwise, it's "bye-bye."
  11. Perhaps you should talk w/ your SA about it...
  12. I would switch SA's. If you're not getting the same service as you used to then there must be a problem. I'm sure the amount of money you have spent and the money you will spend definitely deserves you being on the WL and invites. I think its outrageous.
  13. I'd probably switch SA's as well.
  14. Quick update: we're playing phone tag. I'm getting really annoyed. When she's trying to sell me a $7,000 pink ostrich jewelry box (this is an example, I doubt they make one) she calls every single phone number I have on file. I didn't even get a call about the cruise mini lin. Mind you, I went in and got it and made sure the sale went in under her name. A thank you might have been nice. I'm starting to lose my patience.
  15. It's time to get a new SA or at least another as a back-up!!!!