What would YOU do?

  1. This is jewelry related, but since it's an ethical question, I decided to post it here. Mods, feel free to move to Jewelry Box if necessary...

    I ordered a pearl bracelet about a week ago from a BIG retailer (not like a little boutique or anything). When I opened the box today, there was two velvet boxes inside. One was the bracelet I ordered, the other was a 1 ct. diamond bracelet I didn't order. I never looked at it on the site or put it in the cart or anything. It's not on the packing slip so I didn't pay for it. At first I thought maybe it was a gift with purchase, but I checked the website and it was definitely a mistake. The diamond bracelet is much more expensive than the pearl one I payed for...

    So if you were me what would you do? Would you send an email to cs? Call them? Keep it? :shrugs:
  2. Hmm ... are you sure it's real diamonds and not CZ or some other faux material? If it were faux, the company would probably tell you to keep it.
  3. Ooooh. Tough moral dilemma, I think.

    Personally I would give it back, but I wouldn't judge you for keeping it - there's a legal principle that states: let the buyer beware (caveat emptor). So it means that they buyer in any transaction is the one who bears the risk of it going badly. It's a rare thing that a buyer actually ends up on top, so it would be something of a karmic reversal for you to keep the bracelet.
  4. Ill keep this in GEN DISCUSSION....As its an ethical dilemna

    Id answer but u would all throw your keyboards at me if u knew what Id say...LMAO
  5. call and hope they say you can keep it! They will appreciate the fact that you are honest ( and you will to!) BUT call them and if they want you to send it back they have to send you a return envelope.
  6. That's similar to the "They sent me the more expensive purse I didn't order" scenario. What I said to that one was,

    Yes, it's tempting to keep it, but what if someone ordered that purse (or in this case, bracelet?) They're going to be expecting a package in the mail containing that very item.
  7. Definitely call. It could be a packaging error...and maybe someone who ordered a diamond or CZ bracelet got....an empty box!

    ETA: LOL, caitlin - great minds, think alike...at the same time!:yes:
  8. I had a similar dilemma a looong time ago. I think (I can't even remember) it was some bath products. I got my order, and there were extra items in it. I first thought it was samples, but the items were full size. I took the easy way out ("Oh, those MUST have been large samples") only to find that my credit card was billed and a packing slip was mailed to me several weeks later!

    Then of course I had to go through a whole rigmarole of why I didn't contact CS earlier if I hadn't ordered those products and wanted the items off my CC. (Since they were stuff I really didn't NEED).

    I had to work out some compromise in the end - I sent the items back, they paid for return shipping and refunded the charges.
  9. .. are you sure its diamonds and not cz?
  10. I'd call or e-mail them.
  11. Yes, positive.

    It had a tag with a sku so I looked it up and found it on the website. It's a sterling silver 1 cttw tennis bracelet, 126 round prong set diamonds, J-K color, I2-I3 clarity. The original price was $395, but their current price is $179.99. The bracelet I bought was only about $50, because I had a code.

  12. I'd give them a call. As someone said before, another person might be expecting that very bracelet! You don't want bad karma now, do you? lol
  13. Well, that's not a fabulous quality diamond bracelet ... in this case I'd return it (of course, they would be responsible for reimbursing you the postage!).
  14. To me it doesn't really matter if it's fake or real (and if real, good or bad quality), I'd call them and tell them I plan to send it back and that I don't want to be responsible for it.
  15. Without question, I would call them and tell them. I would never be able to wear it in good conscience.