What would you do?

  1. I was in a JImmy Choo boutique (my first mistake) yesterday and there was a Mahala in what they call "bone" but it's really a dark combination of a brown/grey/greem color in Patent combined with a bit of suede. I fell madly for this stunner - it's about 2,000.00. I am currently debt free - I have the money but want to hold on to it for a while - meanwhile I'm going nuts over this bag. Any feedback appreciated. Sometimes I just don't know what to do!!!!!
  2. SuzyZ - I have that bag in the Cognac and a couple of other Choo girls here have the Plum. If you love it, get it. As Casey the Choo SA said, it is not about need, but the emotional reaction you have to the bag. ;) Or, you can wait for the sale in Dec. or the new stuff in the Cruise line. It is already beginning to arrive in the boutiques. There are a couple of threads with pictures.
  3. Oh I envy you! It is breathtaking and seems like it would go with everything. Somehow the bags I want are never on sale - or they're all gone or something. I could put it on AMEX and just do it. I don't have a Choo and just for the record, the last $2000.00 bag I bought I am totally bored with - not a good revelation.
  4. I think Bone is a great neutral colour, would probably work with a lot of colours. But I also feel that maybe it is one of those colours that might go on sale. What do you others think? I'd wait if I were you.
  5. I agree....I too think it will go on sale and if you can get it for 50% off in just a few weeks, that would be a substantial savings! :tup:

    Or if you don't mind paying full price for a JC bag, I'd wait to see what all the new bags look like. As Jburgh said a few of them are beginning to show up in boutiques now, it won't be long before all the new styles are available. :yes:

    OR....if you're positive this is the bag for you and you don't want to risk it being sold out by the time it goes on sale or not being quick enough to grab one before it sells out on sale, then I'd buy it now! :woohoo:

    I know! How helpful am I?? :p
  6. They only had 2 in the store yesterday - the thing that really stops me from running right back and charging it is mainly that the Sales person (who of course was lovely) didn't bother to mention that December was sale month for Choo. That would have been a good move on her part.
  7. Suzy - if one store doesn't have any stock they can always call around and check stock for the other stores. I would hold out for the sale. Good luck!
  8. Well, that is probably because they would rather get full price!:smile:

    I got mine at full price back in August just because I was worried it wouldn't stick around. I still see a few available online.

    Which bag are you totally bored of? Inquiring minds want to know... Jimmy Choos are my favorite and I don't think I could ever become bored of them. The quality is so far above many other brands...that is a big part of it for me. Also, I am trying to focus on classics rather than trends. I hear people say that patent is a trend which will disappear soon. And, I hear people say it is classic. I like patent. I have seen it be wildly popular at least 15 times in the past 30 years (I have a feeling that I am the "granny" of the tPF. :lol: ) Plus if you like it, wear it!
  9. The bag I tired of quickly is Gucci Pelham in the guccisima leather in cream color (so expensive) - I also am not happy with my Chanel baby coco cabas - I really want this Choo bag - but I am fickle and I love instant gratification (so immature) - BTW,I don't think you are the "granny" of TPF.
  10. SuzyZ - Why don't you buy it, not use it for a few weeks, and then decide if you still ike it enough to keep or return it (unused)?

    I got my one and only Choo - a black Biker Ring hobo w/ snakeskin - from the recent NAP summer sale at about 50% off. At the time, I'd already gone nuts buying/returning/buying/returning soooo very many other bags that I wasn't sure what to do about this Choo. I almost returned mine at NAP by their deadline, but was talked out of it (thanks, Robyn and Samantha!). In the back of my mind, I figured I could easily sell it on eBay etc.

    Well... after nearly FOUR whole months of having a platonic love affair w/ this Choo by taking it out of its dustbag, admiring it for a few minutes and putting it back in its dustbag (to keep it pristine, with NAP security tag still attached), I finally decided to keep her (and rip off the NAP security tag which remained attached for four months LATER!) and I am sooo happy with my decision! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Ring bag!!!

  11. ^^ It's those darn security tags that will get you every time! I look at them like a band-aid....the sooner I rip them off, the happier I am because I know that there is no going back and the bag is mine! Assuming I do love it and there is nothing wrong with it of course. :tup:

    I'm so glad you love your Ring bag as much as I love mine GyrlLayney! Now that you're using it, isn't it just about the most perfect bag? Perfect size, shape, fantastic leather, and the black is almost totally maintenance free. Like Robyn said, a great every day bag!

    I also love how light JC bags are and this one is no different. It was definitely love at first sight for me with the Ring once I saw it IRL....a purchase I am very happy with! :tender::love::tender:
  12. I saw the Ring bag today - I went back to the JC boutique and asked the SA to please call me when the Mahala went on sale - she said about 30 days (of course, only part of the inventory) - I like the one they call "bone" but it's not what I think of as bone color - Looking for opinions on "Ring" versus "Mahala" - Please tell me what you think - this will be my first Choo and I don't want to make a mistake ! TIA
  13. I understand your dilema and I too worry about that "what if I wait and it's no longer available?" Anyway - you won't regret getting the Mahala! I might have an idea that you could save 20% and NOT have to wait until the sales... I will start a thread because I think this is great news! (plus I pm'd you... :p)
  14. You know, I wouldn't mind comparing the Ring to the Riki or to the Ramona, but the Ring and the Mahala are like apples and oranges to me. They are just such totally different styles, there really is no comparison. :oh:

    As I've said before, I am in the very small minority of Choo lovers who is not a fan of the Mahala. But I absolutely LOVE the Ring so that would get my vote! :love: One thing I do like about the Mahala though are the color choices....that bag comes in some of the most amazing colors and exotic skins!

    Since you're lucky enough to live close to a JC boutique, I'd go back and try them both on in different colors and see which style you like best. The new Poppy color Mahala that is coming out is gorgeous if you love red, and I'll bet it sells out in record time ala the Electric Blue....something else to think about! :tup:
  15. You know who probably could help you with an opinon of the Mahala vs. Ring bag? Robyn or Samantha (who I haven't seen on here for a bit). They both have both styles of bags....so they would be able to offer you an expert opinion of the pros and cons of the two. :tup:

    But I do believe Mrs. Mertz may have begun her journey across the pond to pick up a couple of exotic Mahalas so you may have to wait a bit to hear from her! :supacool::choochoo::woohoo: