What Would You Do?

  1. :confused1:I bought a wallet from this women on craigs list. she also sells on eBay. I paid via paypal with c/c. I recieved wallet but it turned out being a fake. I contacted seller immediately but she did not respond to emails so i filed with payapl but then immediately closed case when she said she would take wallet back. she acted surprise at first but agreed to take wallet back. She told me to mail wallet and she would pay me after she resold wallet because she did not have the money. She claims to have just paid off some major expense and would not be able to pay me until she either resold wallet or gets her paycheck at the end of month. She gave me her home and work address to mail item, She has been responding to all my emails.I don't know what to do. I just want my $300 back. I am not comfortable mailing wallet back and the thought that she is going to resell this fake wallet i does not sit well with me.I don't really want to wait a month to get my money back. I know I made a stupid mistake and should have known better. But I don't know what to do. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!:confused1:
  2. well, no matter what you choose, paypal will not let you reopen the case. you should have never closed it and demanded your money back. i wouldn't be comfortable with the situation either and don't know what type of advice to give. how did you pay?? credit card??
  3. yes. I paid with credit card
  4. You should not have to wait a month for your money and there is no guarantee she will refund. Since you closed the case with paypal, I don't think you can re-open it. I would contact your credit card company about a chargeback. They will most likely tell you to send it back and provide some proof it was sent back, so use signature confirmation.
  5. Thank you. Should I tell her that I am doing this before I do charge back? Thanks again
  6. yes, my next suggestion would also be to do a chargeback.
  7. Send it back by certified mail so that you will get a hard copy evidence that you mailed it, along with online tracking and a signature of her receiving it. Then contact your credit card company and let them know you've returned it and the seller refuses to refund you. You should not have to wait for her to resell it. She shouldn't have been selling fakes in the first place. Good luck with that!
  8. My suggestion would be to not mail the wallet back until you speak with your credit card company. They may require you to send pics or the actual wallet, and obviously if you mail it back to the seller you won't be able to do that.

    The seller may refund you if you threaten a chargeback. Good luck!
  9. If it's American Express, they will ask you to send them the wallet. Craigs list is a nightmare! Ugh...
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice.I mailed her this morning that IAM GOING TO MAIL THE BAG BACK. i I am going to take pics then contact
  11. Sorry I hit send before I finished writing. Well I emailed her this morning that I will send bag back to her. But before I do I will take pics and contact my credit card company and ask them what is the best way to proceed. Wish me luck! Thanks again. I'm glad I discovered this forum because I really learned alot.
  12. Good luck! And I'm sure that you'll find the wallet you want (real of course) in the future. I hope your cc company is nice and easy to deal with.
  13. Thanks. I will keep you updated
  14. Keep us posted. American Express is great with this sort ot situation, I'm sure they will not steer you wrong!
  15. I don't have american express but mbna and they told me to send it back and if I don't get my money they will get it back for me.