What would you do?

  1. Your bestfriend invites you out to meet her new boyfriend, having just bought the new bag of your dreams it's perfect to show it off whilst out to dinner.

    During the evening, the new boyfriend knocks over his glass of red wine and it goes all over your bag, I mean all over, inside and out!

    What would you do??!!
  2. Did he offer to pay for damages?
  3. No and your bestfriend is besotted!
  4. What a tough situation! I feel sure I'd probably make a comment, like "my bag is ruined now" or "I just bought this TODAY!" & see if he offers to somehow remedy the situation.

    *I would tell my friend, if all he said was sorry, that I wouldn't date him. Accidents happen but there is no excuse for not having manners*
  5. Uhhh, this is a really tough call... On the one hand, he should pay. He damaged your purse, he should do the right thing. Both he and your friend SHOULD understand that this is the right thing too. In fact your friend should be saying to him privately that he must do the right thing by her good friend and pay for damages or a replacement. If he did not offer to pay, he either does not know that he actually caused irrepairable damage to your bag, or he does not want to get stuck with the bill. The best thing you can do is tell them that your bag is ruined and that you must purchase a replacement. If they still don't offer to pay, then that says a lot about how much they value your friendship. If you do not want this confrontation, all you can do is eat the cost, and replace the bag yourself, and tell yourself accidents do happen. Sometimes a confrontation is not worth it, only you can know.
  6. oh my god!!! i would really be livid if that happened!!!! but it really is a tough call... see it was accidental so you cant blame him, but he should offer to contribute to the cleaning bill... if it can be cleaned..

    btw, do you mind if i ask which bag this was?
  7. I should have added, the question is only a hypothetical one!

    I know how attached I become to my bags, even if it is just a material possession! i just wondered how others would react.

    I think I would probably not say too much, wait until I got home, have a good cry then find someone to make me a voodoo dolly!!!

    (just kidding with the voodoo!!) :nuts:
  8. Oh, how would I react? Easy! I would eat the cost, I hate confrontation!!!
  9. I would be livid. Then go home and cry.
  10. Well, since it was a nice and expensive bag, I would request for "repair" or damage for it. Maybe your friend can help you ask her boyfriend for the damage. It indeed is a very difficult and upsetting moment.
  11. I'd cry.
  12. Since it's a hypothetical question, here's a hypothetical idea for contemplation:

    If you have a very expensive bag, to which you also have a strong emotional attachment, and you are going to a public place where people will be drinking liquids, take a bag with you that can be easily replaced, is not costly, and to which you do not have a strong emotional attachment.

    We can sit here all day and talk about what the boyfriend 'should' do, and if the best friend really loves you etc etc, but the fact is that you made the decision to visit a public place where beverages would be served, it is you who are left, holding the bag, as it were, and it is you who will have to pay for cleaning the bag if it can be cleaned, or replace it if it can't, and if you do not have the money to do those things, you who will no longer have that bag.

    What if neither the best friend nor the boyfriend have either anywhere near the kind of money that would be needed even to clean the bag? What if they have no idea how much the bag cost? They might offer to replace it assuming it cost $20 at Target!

    You know they both work at low paying jobs and struggle to pay the rent. Are you going to tell them that no, it cost $3000, and you would like the cash by Thursday?

    Maybe the best friend does know it cost $3000, and she knows neither she nor her boyfriend has it, and asks you why in the world you would sit such a bag up on the table next to a wine glass?

    There are a thousand variations and combinations and ifs and shoulds and maybes.

    So, you line up all your maybes and your shoulds and your ifs, and then you line up your certains, and you make your decision according to how you view the contents of your two columns!
  13. Many people have absolutely no idea how much a bag can cost. When people drive they have insurance (or they should) because they know they cannot cover the cost out-of-pocket if something happens (or at least they don't want to). We have insurance for almost all high-cost things - our homes, autos, jewelry, etc.

    Bags, in the end, are rather like shoes and clothes. Things can happen - a coat can get snagged, shoes can get wet or muddy and a bag can get dropped, spilled on or stolen.

    If a person is so worried about the cost of replacing a bag, they should have it insured. One cannot expect someone who has no concept of the cost of such a bag to cover it for what was an accident, especially if such funds are beyond them. These things happen in life. Yes, it would stink to have a bag ruined, but if a person isn't willing to risk it or cannot afford to replace it if it happens they shouldn't bring it out in public.
  14. I love you Shimma!
  15. I know it sucks, but there's only one way out: put on a brave face and say "oh no worries - it's only a bag" - or something to that extent. Even if they insist to pay, you should decline politely (unless you're 110% sure they are rich); anything beyond that is just plain vulgar.

    (of course I'd be furious on the inside too, if it happened to me!)