What would you do?

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  1. Here's the story. I'm looking for a job and have been for the last month until last week, I went on two interviews.

    The first interview I went on, was more of a hip office for me to work at (which I like) and that was my second interview with this company. I like the atomosphere of the company and think I could fit in well into the company.

    The second potential company is a older based company where I live, where the company is family oriented and most of the workers are older people since it is family oriented.

    My problem is do I go with job one where I think I will fit in well and love my job, (but it pays less) or do I take job two where it pays more but I will not have anything in common with my new coworkers?

    I need some help and fast! Which one will you ladies pick?:confused1:
  2. I'd pick the first job. Either way best of luck!
  3. I would go hip if you like to have a chat with co-workers etc, if you want sage advice the older crowd have it. IMO I would go for the job with the ability to move up the ladder regardless of the age range. I have worked with both and the older gang had plenty of words of advice, less *****yness etc.x
  4. thanks for the quick replys ladies. Well, I chose job #1 because I just think it fits me more and there is potenial for me to grow with this company. And Sammyjoe thanks for the good information. I also chose job one because it is a permanent job as job #2 is a job from a temp agency with the potential of being permanent job and since I need some type of job stability, I chose job One.

    Keep the answers coming ladies on which job will you choose if you were in my shoes!
  5. how much is the pay difference?
    Consider the benefit too!!
    If it's not that much of a different, I would pick the first one!
  6. Consider your employment advancement and salary opportunites....co-workers will ALWAYS change no matter where you work!!!
  7. I dont know about job #2, but job #1 talked about career advancements and salary increases which is also a plus for job #1. Job #2 did't get into any of those details.