What would you do?

  1. if you're not sure if you'll ever be able to attain your dream bag (hint: exotic). your SA is aware of your desire and you've even submitted an order for it. unfortunately this skin wasn't offered in the last podium but might be during feb.

    do you

    (A) wait for it (and abstain from retail impulse buys - gotta offset the price increases), have faith in your SA and pray for miracle to occur (preferrably in the next year or so)


    (B) give up altogether. just be content w/ your collection and not get any more purses.


    p.s. this would be the last bag to complete your collection. the holy grail so to speak.
  2. Wait.
  3. i would wait
  4. *sigh* ok, hopefully they'll think I'm worthy and place the order. It's always so wishy-washy you know. I'm not VIP but I've definitely spent enough $$ at the store. And there's the one bag rule. Ugh.
  5. Wait... and practice H patience...
  6. Wait!
  7. Visualise that you are the proud owner of your dream bag and wait!

  8. :wtf:
    Just wait! It will happen.
    (B) is not an option.
  9. The waiiiting is the hardest part...:jammin:(Thoough I doubt this is what Tom Patty was referring to when he wrote that song...) I vote wait!
  10. hermes lemming, i feel your pain lol, my bipolar SA will not even pretend to SO one for me yet and i have given her over 50k in sales last year alone, sometimes i think there is no winning with this person.

    but, unless we have the same SA, there is more hope for you and i say do not give up, your grail bag is around the corner and be hopeful! :heart::tup:
  11. h_l, I vote for "A"...if I learned anything from tpf, it is that good things come to those who wait. :smile:
  12. Wait and pray for the miracle.

    (BTW, H.C. your SA sounds like a sadist.)
  13. wait, wait, and wait some more. But I like a little bit o' a chase.
  14. I can only wait so long. Then I take matters in my own hands..............or Muffin does.
  15. And, two weeks later, G-d created Bin.