What would you do?

  1. I bought a white Legacy Hippie from the outlet and want to get a black on for Fall/Winter.

    It is not on eBay and Coach only has white ones left.
    I went into my local Coach store and the SA said she can order me one for full price $398.

    I hate to pay full price! Do you think I should wait until more of them hit the outlet or do you think I should buy it now and be sure to get it.

    It is my favorite Coach purse and my other ones just sit in my closet.

    Thanks for any insight!
  2. If you like it that much and will use it, then it's worth paying full price. You may not see it in outlets later. Then again you may but can you live with paying full price if you do see it at an outlet later? It ends up depending on what it's truly worth to you. Especially when you know it's an elusive bag. I like the black hippie too!
  3. ^I agree with tlloveshim. I hate paying full price for my bags but, if I love something enough, I will. I never bet on anything making it to the outlet and I really don't think think you can plan on that black Legacy Hippie making it, either. I can think of one time when I bought a bag for full retail and I later found one at the outlet - my medium black Ergo tote. Even when I saw it on the clearance bin at the outlet I wasn't mad. I may have paid full price but I don't regret it at all.

    What would I do? I'd probably buy it for full price and not take the risk of it never making it to an outlet. If you wait too long you might not ever be able to get one. :yes:
  4. I think you should buy it now. Items are never guarenteed to go to the outlet. You do not want to miss out on a bag that you love.
  5. Like others have said here you should probably buy it now. You could hold on to it and keep the tags on until the fall season, and if it's lucky enough to show up at the outlet you could return the full-price one for that.
  6. How much do you love this bag? I saw the black ones at the outlet awhile ago and they sold pretty fast, so I don't know if you'll see many of them again, although if they have them at JAX, maybe they'll bring them back for the winter season.

    You could also wait for the next PCE and see if you can order it? I hate to see you pay full price for the bag, but if you love it and use it all the time, then it may be worth it. Good luck!
  7. I let a wallet get away from me once, but was lucky enough to have found TPF and mokoni helped me track it down! If you do want to wait to buy it, these ladies here will def help, but they can only do so much if it isn't for sale anywhere! I would probably buy it but maybe keep the tags on, as previously suggested...What do you think the price difference would be between full price and outlet? Can you put a price on your happiness?
  8. Honestly, I'd pay full price if I could afford it. If you quickly find it within a reasonable timeframe (7-14 days, IMO... regardless of the return policy currently in place), return for the cheaper.

    If you really love it, buy it. You'll regret it otherwise and there's no guarentees on other availability/condition.
  9. FYI, I really liked the skull charm, but thought that I would wait a couple of weeks because PCE was going to start. I went the first morning of PCE and they were all gone...I have been sorry every since.

    I also just bought a bag full price, the demin stripe tote. I love it and am so happy with it. I don't regret for an instance paying full price for something I love and carry all the time.
  10. Legacy items are never guaranteed to go to outlet. And whiskey or black Legacy items go very, very quickly if they do, so it is hard to catch it at the right time to get one.

    If this is your favorite bag and you will miss it if you don't get one, it is well worth paying full price!
  11. JAX only has white ones. When I bought the white hippie there was a whisky one there and I am kicking myself for not buying them both - I only paid $208 for it and it is $398 full price. And I have bought a ton of other stuff this month - so - still cant decide.
    I do wear my white Legacy ALL the time and really love it!
  12. You probably won't see it in an outlet later unless you get lucky. Legacy bags generally don't go to outlets unless they are returns or exchanges from a retail store, or are flawed slightly.

    Keep the white! It's lovely!