What would you do?

  1. Okay, I recently realized that I adore Chanel bags...I got my first one on eBay and apparently got a great deal. I knew I wanted a black bag and this one is absolutely gorgeous. So soft and lots of room. The problem is that I'm thinking that I'd be better off with a medium flap and in the caviar rather than this one in the lambskin. The flap is such a classic...do I sell the black diamond stitch and get the black flap??? Which do you think I will be happier with in the long run?...oh yeah, here's a pic of the one I have...
    bag 004.jpg
  2. Why do you think you'd be better of fwith a medium in caviar?

    BTW I really like your diamond flap. It's more contemporary but still quite chic!
  3. I feel like the caviar would be more durable. I have kids and am always worried about using bags that could get scratched and stuff...I don't know, I'm so confused.