What would you do?

  1. What would you do if you were millionaire? [i'm not and well.. lol]

    I would do loads of things.. first of all, i would buy Maldives island!! [lol] and then set up hospitals there for me to be able to settle there with hubby!! looking for hospitals, i've found only a pharmacy directory at http://-**NO ADVERTISING LINKS ON THE PF PLEASE**READ THE PF RULES!!!!!*****
    I would also open up a Mall where there would be ONLY designer accessories and clothes.. I would take one of each item for myself! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::wlae: what a wonderful idea!! who will join me???
  2. i would hire some kick a#$ lawyers and private investigators to collect evidence on puppy mills and bring them all down.....
  3. I would make some wise investments so the $$ would keep rolling in, then buy a ranch and establish a haven for abused/abandoned animals. Also I would endow some sort of national program for free spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, so that hopefully in my lifetime there would cease to be a need for havens for abused/abandoned animals. Hey...a girl can dream!!!

  4. I love that idea....That is so cool I would totally help you!!!!!

    And to add to your idea I would open a bunch of dog rescues.

  5. You beat me to it. I totally agree.
  6. pay of debts, then go directly to LV......lol.....
  7. I always think about this. If I were to win the lottery, and would win a wind-fall of money, I would:

    1. Share it with my close friends and family. There's no point in being rich if my family couldn't enjoy it too.

    2. I'd buy an animal shelter/sanctuary, and would rescue as many animals as I could. (I'm a hard-core animal lover/vegetarian, and this was already a dream of mine.)

    3. I'd invest enough so that I was never broke.

    4. I'd donate to my friend's church. She's very active in her church, so I'd donate in her name.

    5. I'd pay off my debts.

    6. I'd put money aside to pay for my niece and nephew to go to college.
  8. Stop working, move to Miami, buy a second home in Vegas give a portion of interest to a diferent charity every year.

    Basically just live my life to my own timescale & do what I want to do
  9. First, I'd give my parents a good set of money for them to buy themselves a nice house...Next I'd go shopping..get a new wardrobe, handbags (of course)...buy a decent sized nice house..and I'd save the rest of the money...maybe invest.
  10. ~Let's assume it's several million, just to make it realistic! lol :smile:
    Invest so the money continues to give to me.
    Make sure my family is cared for.
    Share with friends.

    *I'd pick a local family that needs help and just surprise the hell out of them by buying them a house or car, pay off their mortgage, or something huge that they desperately need!

    *Pick a handful of h.s. students with motivation but who don't think they'll have the means to go to college and give them a huge scholarship!!

    *I'd pick a charity that helps children who are in need of education, medication, food, love, whatever they need.
  11. Pay off mine and bf's debts.
    Invest some.
    Buy a big house.
    Get a bunch of foster kids.
    Go back to school for finance, a grad law degree, and to learn Arabic.
    Do a lot of "charitable giving" through scholarship funds.
  12. -Quit school and figure out what I REALLY want to do, meet with people from different fields and decide what I want to study

    -Take a year off and visit countries all over the world, this is really a childhood dream

    -Invest (of course :yes:) and save

    -Create a scolarship program because as a student, I get really frustrated seeing that there is so little financial help available at my university... the amounts are ridiculous...

    -Help change the laws here in Quebec... there is so much animal abuse going on. I'm a huge animal lover and it really upsets me that in North America, we are the place where laws are either very unstrict or inexistant to protect our furry friends.

    -Give my time and money to help around a bunch of local and international charities, you can never be too involved in these worthy causes. I'd love to visit the Best Friends sanctuary and give a hand :yes:

    -Go shopping, of course :graucho:
  13. mshel! I was going to say something similar!
    A millionaire isn't all that big of a deal anymore, one certainly wouldn't be buying Maldives, trust me! ;)
  14. I'd pay off my school debt, my parents debt, and buy them a nice house and car. Put money away so my brother can go to school.

    Invest. Donate. And SHOP!:smile:
  15. Swanky Mama is right, but assuming the question was geared towards having finanical security for the rest of our lives, I'd move to Alaska.