What would you do?

  1. I have to opportuniy to pick up a light green ostrich Birkin 30, or I can order my dream Yellow Epsom 35.( I love both but can only do one or the other right now).
    Im alittle torn. I love both colors, and I dont have an ostrich bag yet. I have a feeling if I don't take this bag, I won't see it again. I guess I can always order the 35 later???
    Please help??
  2. I think it depends on if you really love the ostrich bag. I got a (vert anis) light green ostrich a couple of months ago and I love it. Have you tried it on? I would be 100% sure since the ostrich bags are a bit expensive. Keep us informed.
  3. The 35 might take some time before it arrives. Take the 30 ostrich now and then wait for the yellow.
  4. The green ostrich sounds gorgeous....it will probably take some time to get the 35 so I'd 'grab' the ostrich if you truly love it!!
  5. I would think the price differential would be large, and therefore a basic consideration.That aside, how great to own an ostrich birkin. I think the light green could be worn year round [?]. On the other hand, it's not your *dream birkin*. Maybe it would take quite awhile for the 35 yellow epsom to arrive, so that could be for next year.

    Would you please tell me some good things about epsom leather? Why your dream choice? I just bought my ddil an epsom birkin in cyclamen. Thank you.
  6. wow carol I wish I was you DDIL. I do not think my MIL would buy me a cup of coffee :roflmfao:
  7. You know whats funny, I own alot of H bags in different colors and a few different skins but I am just know really learning about how all the different skins wear. I love my togo bags and they wear really well, but I feel it will look too heavy??? Which is the cyclamen?? Does is wear well??
  8. Ostrich and Epsom are both light leathers. Ostrich is VERY light to carry
  9. :yes::yes::yes:
  10. Carol, wow you are such a generous MIL. My own mother wouldn't buy me a Birkin!

    Difficult choice, but I would take the ostrich! I haven't seen alot of green ostrich (nor have I seen many yellow epsoms for that matter)
  11. Can you get both? I mean, get the ostrich now and still order the yellow? If you can only get one, get the yellow!!! It's worth it!! :okay:
  12. i'd say get the ostrich now and it'll be awhile before the SO yellow will be here - so you'll have some time to recuperate funds (if that's an issue)! good luck!
  13. the ostrich birkins are fantastic. i have one in fuschia and love it even though it is smaller than i wanted. the green ones are beautiful. i say go for the ostrich one and wait for the yellow one to arrive, you can always pass on it later can't you? that is so great you have a chance to buy the ostrich, you will love it!
  14. Cyclamen is the color - a mauve/pink/purple. Not a hot fuschia pink. Epsom is the leather. A lightweight embossed-grain leather. I think good in water. Also stiffer for a less mou appearance than togo or clemence. I had looked it up in the leather reference book of hermesgroupie. you must consult that leather book in the reference area.

  15. Ostrich bags are so special, and vert anis is beautiful and versatile. I would take the opportunity for the ostrich now and save up for your SO.