What would YOU Do?

  1. Ok, I listed one of my Coach bags that ended last saturday. I invoice the winner (as per usual) asking how they planned to pay: paypal, money order etc. And I have no response. I then finally email her 5 days after auction end to tell her that if no communication was made, I'd have to post appropriate feedback.

    I wouldn't have done that normally, but judging by her bad feedback combined with the fact that she bid on and paid for several other auctions at the same time, I was frustrated. I offer the bag for up second chance offer (the 24 hr BIN thing), and it isn't snagged.

    Original winner then emails me back finally and tells me she plans on paying on 7/8. Two weeks after the auction's ended??? Who bids on an auction they can't pay for in a timely manner? Now the second chance bidder emails to ask if the bag's still available!

    So I have a crappy bidder paying me in a week from now (or so she says), or someone wanting it now. What would you do?
  2. sell to 2nd chance bidder.
  3. Tell her the $$$ has to be paid by the 7th day. If not, you are offering to someone else and filing NPB.

  4. This is what I would do too.
  5. And risk a negative on an otherwise perfect feedback score? The second chance bidder didn't snag within the 24 hrs that eBay gives, so it went back to original bidder as high bidder.

    Second chance woman won't have access to a positive feedback from me, unless I can do the second chance offer again?
  6. I just don't want to see you miss out. What if she doesn't end up paying? It just seems to me that she should have contacted you right after she won the bag to make an agreement with you about paying late. And remember that you can always leave her negative feedback as well if she does that to you.
  7. My understanding is that if she doesn't pay within 7 days you can initiate a NPB process and eventually, should she not respond, leave appropriate feedback. I would play it that way if it were me on the grounds that even selling to the 2nd highest bidder now will take almost as long and this way you have covered your options both in terms of recouping fees and leaving honest feedback.