What would you do???

  1. so this little impulse buy right here wasn't originally for me... but i carried it around and really... it grew on me.

    i purchased this kenneth cole reaction handbag today and this it's adorable. i purchased it for a friend, who has a leather backpack that is in shambles. i purchased it for her birthday because she said she'd come visit me.

    she's blown me off a few times prior to today but i did NOT think she'd do it today. her birthday is in about a week, and i figured i'd suprise her with her gift today. she lives about an hour and a half away so we don't see eachother as often as i'd like.

    so she said "her mom needed the car" again today, which is the same thing she's told me a bunch of times. i guess it's true but she hasn't made ANY effort to come see me at all, and i've driven there numerous times in the past few months to see her.

    SO. what do you think i should do? she has no idea i bought the bag and could REALLY care less about a purse (i think... i am slowly introducing her to the wonderful world of handbags, but i was thinking if I am the one to buy her her first REAL bag, we could go to TJMaxx sometime and find something nice (our TJs has all kindsa cute stuff, designer and all) that she picks out herself.

    SO what do you think? should i keep this little beauty!?

    it's called a Braided Treasure Hobo by Kenneth Cole Reaction, and the color is Pecan (DELISH), retail $128!


    the front shot:

    the leather:

    the side view:

    the handle (i used to hate braided stuff, this is a nice hot accent, something different!):

    Me looking fat and icky but FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS none the less... LIKE THE NEW GUCCI SUNNIES!? oo:huh:ooo hehe... excitement....


    PS: i'm due for a new handbag. my next GRANDE purchase will probably be another kooba. if i keep it, it will be to tide me over till kooba time!

    so what would you do? keep it? or birthday gift it?!
    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG Gucci Kenneth Cole and me.JPG
  2. lookie at the neato pockets! there's 2 of them, the other being right next to that one, where the other leather connection is to the zipper. how great are those sneaky pockets!?


    now for slouchy...

    this bag, for the price i paid, is the slouchiest, squishiest, most delish leather ever. smells good too. the first pix were taken while the bag was still stuffed, FYI! take a gander at the slouchy-ness, and the gaymannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!


    neato pockets.JPG slouchy with a good gayman shot.JPG slouchy!.JPG
  3. it's hard for me to believe NO ONE has an opinion. ugly? cute? makes me look fat? looks good? keep? give away?


  4. ummm....definitely looks better without the stuffing!
  5. I love that bag. and I think you should keep it. I think if you spent so much time taking pictures and modeling it you probably really want it anyway :smile: if your friend does manage to visit- take her shopping for her gift like you suggested. :smile: I've used this tactic on a really flaky friend of my own- its sad, but its saved me lots of time and money when she avoids seeing me for months on end. Also that way she will learn the excitement of hunting down the perfect new bag!
  6. Hi Bliss! I think its a cute bag and you look great with it on, but personally, I'd return it and save the money for your next KOOBA!!!!! Kenneth Cole makes a nice bag, but no comparison to a Kooba. Take a look over at Revolve. They've got the Jillians' marked down by 1/2!!
  7. If you like it that much, you should keep it. If your friend picks out something herself, then she'll get more use out of it. Personally, I don't like the bag so much, but as long as you love it, that's all that matters. Enjoy!
  8. I would take it back. Your friend doesn't seem like a good friend if she is blowing you off.
  9. I think the bag looks cute when it's in the slouchier style pictures that your gayman(?) friend is holding. How sweet of him to help you out for your pictures! It looks like a nice, soft leather. Kenneth Cole Reaction bags are great, I have a nice black one myself!
  10. I think it's a cute bag and you obviously love it. I think you should keep it. It seems like a good deal and it's cute on you.
  11. I have a friend like this. We used to be great friends for years and i'm sure she feels she has to come here more but she is single living at home with her car being her only responsibility (and herself lol) and yes this is my POV and she does work but hello i have 4 kids with school schedules and more and the drive there is not so fun as opposed to how she can just enjoy the radio LOL Plus here i can get a sitter there we can't hang w/o kids at all. But anyway...i feel your pain!
    I would keep the bag if you love it. W/o the stuffing it looks really cute and if you just think it is TDF or don;t have a bag in that color range and just really like it and yuo said retail price so i'm thinking you got a steal of a deal?? I say keep. Or return. But don;t save it for the day she arrives...btdt...and when it comes to purses it is sorta hard to pick out what will suit another realy well unless she WAS already into purses and you saw a pattern in her bags.
    I say take her to lunch or give her a GC to TJ's and go w/her or ??? If you wanna go for guilt MAIL her the GC LOL But like someone said you took all the time modeling and photoging...yuo like it. Enjoy. And you don;t look fat OR icky!! LOL Funny how we are so hard on ourselves. Like I KNOW i'm fat and icky but you're not LOL Let us know what ya end up doing!
  12. I think buying and carrying a bag is a very personal thing. Your friend probably won't appreciate this bag as much as you do. If you like it, you should keep it. You could get something else for her birthday.
  13. yes that's the gayman in those pix and i am going to keep the bag! i put all my crap in it last night and carried it around like a peacock. i was SO itchin for a new bag. i put my new scarf from the coach RAOK on it and it looks mahvalous! my friend can pick her own bag, my gayman chose this one off the rack and i can tell what he was thinkin when he did! ME!
  14. oh, it's beautiful.... keep it for yourself :graucho:
  15. thanks! i am going to keep it!

    *whispers* i only got it for 40 dollars, and it's SO comfortable and SO cute... slouchy lovely huggable leather... but withOUT a price that scares me when i think of bringing it to work!

    Kenneth Cole Reaction isn't THAT low quality is it? it FEELS like a great quality bag! the leather is DIVINE for what i paid omg!