What would you do?

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  1. :confused1:I have a friend that has a "friend" - that i think steal designer bags - i told him how much i will like the maddy in blue, along with many others - and he said he would have no prob getting one or his friend - but I dont know .... how would you feel if you know your bag was stolen? me i would feel kinda akward, besides i wouldnt feel her 100% sure........ so waht do you think???? would you take it?????:confused1::confused1:
  2. What makes you think he's stealing? From what you posted, my first reaction would be that his friend sells fakes. But to answer your question, if I thought the bag was stolen, I wouldn't take it.
  3. I've seen the bags he gets - and I compare them with what I seen online and here - and Im pretty sure the girls are real - ........ but i know i shouldnt take it - and i wont.....
  4. How icky.:tdown: Your friend needs to find new friends, I think.

  5. Thats for sure - and so do I
  6. That is too bad he feels the need to steal:sad: If you think the bags are stolen, I would stay away, you would not want any one coming back to you:wtf:
  7. I'm sorry. I know this is totally off topic but that is the most divine kitten I've ever seen. Gorgeous!!! :heart: