What would YOU do?

  1. Dilemma. What do you with your Bbag when you are out at a restaurant or other public places? I used to put my bag behind me on the seat but one day someone (very BOLD I might add) tried to steal my Bbag. Never again will I put it out of sight.
    Then I started placing the bag on my lap until that one time my husband, who was sitting next to me, splashed some hot sauce onto my bag!!!:cursing: I don't know where to put my bag anymore. Where do you girls put your Bbags?
  2. ^^I put mind behind my tush on the chair.
  3. It gets its own chair :smile:
  4. Well, I don't have my bbag yet but my LV's either go in my lap (with napkin covering it), in its own chair or resting on my feet.
  5. well i dont have one YET (just pre-ordered the magenta city) but it will get it's own chair just like my LV's. Chanels etc lol :biggrin:
  6. wow the thief is very brave!
    how could that happen?? i would put it behind me against the chair, or sit on its own chair (if there's extra chair), or put on my lap (covered with napkin)
  7. Very good question- I would love to give it it's own seat- but can't always do that- There's been a whole story in NY about purse snatching, so hanging on the chair behind you is not good. Also a Work can't really hang from it's handle. I was at a diner and put my Eggplant Twiggy on the bench next to my 8 year old son and kept begging him not to get anything on it and he finally turned to me and said "What's the difference if something gets on it, you have so many!":wtf:
  8. Your son much be a real fun ...such a smart comment :smile:. My husband only looks at me and say, "why do you spend so much money on a bag and then spend so much time worrying about it getting dirty or scratched and stolen". What do they know about Bbags!
  9. I put it on the floor if it's carpet, or hang it from the chair, or sit it behind me on the chair.

    People here don't really know what they are here, so I don't worry about someone stealing it. I do worry about someone getting something on it, though.
  10. If my back is to the wall or something, I put it behind my bum/back on the chair. Sometimes it's on my lap with the napkin covering it. Never on the floor and never hanging from the back of the chair... I'm just not that bold.
  11. Me too!!! :nuts:

    I used to put it on it's own chair but then I started worrying about waitstaff spilling stuff on it. :sweatdrop:

  12. I either put it on my lap and make sure I'm scooted close enough to the table, or hang it from the chair (depending on where I am located in the room).

    I also bought one of the purse hangers. Its like decorative hook and that hangs off the edge of a table. I had my bbag hanging from that once when out and I noticed the table next to me of 3 women kept looking at it and me. Not sure if they thought I was nuts or what but I was not going to put it on a dirty hard floor.
  13. There was a thread once about the purse hangers that you can get that hang off the the table. I SAW ONE the other day! They are so neat! I'm off to buy one soon...it is just a hook that you place on the table and then hook your bag on it...they are great!
  14. If I cannot get a chair to put my bbag on, I also put it on my lap. I always put a napkin over the bag just to make sure I don't spill something on it. Sometimes, I also use my pursehanger if I do remember to bring it along.
  15. well with my LVs i putthem on a seperate chair which is placed by my big bf! Haha so if any one tries to take my baby my bf can get them!!! I will be treating my Bbag the same when i get it! xx