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  1. What if you're surfing eBay and you run across a seller touting Authentic Chanel handbag and there are TONS of them with BIN prices of about $59.99. The one I'm talking about it riawn riawn. I was completely apalled and thought about contacting VERO to check him out....but then I didn't. Would you? Should I?
  2. I think I would because it would make me feel better. I actually just reported a bag today. I reported a bag also last week, but the auction went thru anyway, and someone lost out on $600.00.

    But yes, I would Vero
  3. Can any of you tell me about the Chanel Vero who I understand is in the US I live in the UK and have sent many emails to him/her and have never even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement. Every auction I have reported, some for wholesaling Chanels 10 at a time, has continued until the end.
    Yes I would report, but from my experience it is a waste of time.:mad:
  4. report them... its all about advocacy and action =)
  5. how do you report?
    it makes me mad when i see fakes on ebay and really sad for people bidding on them.
    i almost want to make it my mission to report these fakes but don't know how to do it.
  6. It's true, reporting often doesn't lead anywhere. But I still believe that it's important to report, rather than to do nothing.
  7. Look at the bottom of the listing and you will see the option to report the bag.
  8. Michele, It's funny because instead of using the option to report a bag, I went into one of his bag sales and eMailed him to post more pictures and proof of authenticity. Wouldn't you know that I got an eMail about an hour later from eBay warning me that if I bought anything from him I should report him for fraud! With all the links attached to make it easy to do! Can you believe that? They must be onto him...have you ever heard of such a thing with eBay? I must say I was amazed.....
  9. I am really impressed that they are really reading and watching. That was great that you took the time to post pictures and proof of authenticity. Actually, the bag I reported yesterday is no longer on ebay either.
  10. thanks!
    i just reported ten fake cambons.
    it felt good to do it, instead of just being upset at them being listed.
  11. I feel the same, lets hope they are pulled!!!!
  12. I actually came across a HORRIBLE fake pink cambon reporter toady on eBay with a buy it now price of $1,599.99 The seller swears up and down that it's AUTHENTIC and that she never sells fakes and actually tries to educate people on how cheap items are usually fakes!!!!!!!! I got so mad that I emailed her and asked why she was selling a fake if she was so against fake bags, and she replied back saying that she had no idea (YEAH RIGHT) and asked me how I knew it was fake. I wrote back explaining that her bag was a REALLY BAD fake -- the logo, the leather, the stiching, the insides, etc. and that since she claimed she didn't know about it I also said that I hoped she'd take her item down. Well, guess what? No reply, and the item is still up for sale.


    Take a look. It's horribe.
  13. ^^

    i looked at that bag too! its disgusting!
  14. jeannie77 - that definitely is one of the most obvious fakes! :sick: I can't believe that someone would really think that bag would be authentic and actually pay that much for it! If you were really into handbags, wouldn't you research first how the bag looks like and how much it should cost? Sometimes I just don't understand:blink:
  15. Still showing up - ..... yuk