What would YOU do???

  1. I don't know if this has been a subject of discussion yet,but did you all hear about the guy in (I think) San Fran,who found the LV bag full of money and jewelry?He,of course,went through the bag looking for identification,contacted the owner,and gave it back (contents and all).So here's a question for ya:would you have returned the bag?Knowing myself,I honestly don't know if I would.I would definitely take the contents to the police,but the BAG??? I would have to REALLY wrestle with that.I usually do the right thing,and I seem to have a VERY LOUD voice of reason,so I'd probably end up returning it,but MAN would that be hard!!! I hope that never happens to me!
  2. I would return it, the whole thing.
    Not too long ago I found an Ipod Nano.
    Funnily enough, it was a day after I had mentioned to my husband that I wanted one (I am not a music under headphones type of gal, so it was a major thing).
    For a moment, I felt it was a 'sign'. The Ipod was just left on a bench, outside of a cafe near school. I asked around, the owner was gone.
    I thought about keeping it, I really did. It seemed like destiny.
    I couldn't do it. I put up a flyer near the coffee shop, and the owner e-mailed me. He was soooo grateful, those things are not cheap, and he'd spent so much time putting his music on the thing.
    So I was tested by the universe, struggled with my conscience, and ultimately did the right thing. With something so much more valuable, I'm sure the need to 'do the right thing' would be even stronger. It's a good question to ponder. :smile:
  3. I'll return it, no doubt =) Or if I can't find the owner... sell the stuff and donate it all to charity.
  4. I'd return it, no doubts and no regrets.

    I'd feel bad for spending the money or using the bag and living with that kind of guilt is worse than living without the extra cash and bag.
  5. I would return the entire bag as the guy did cus I believe strongly in Karma and if I were the person who lost my wallet, I think I'd also be hoping someone would be kind enough to return it back to me as well.

    I once returned a wallet with $500 cash and identification etc. My ex-bf was telling me how we shld just split up the money.... :hrmm:
  6. I'd struggle with wanting everything in the bag but I think I'd return it. I know how sad I would feel if I lost so much.
  7. I'd return it. The bag's owner would have been going through such panic and stress. I firmly believe in what comes around, goes around. And although bad things often happen to good people, good things eventually happen!
  8. i know me and i would definately return the bag. my concience would NEVER let me be if i didn't. i once backed into a truck in a parking lot and there were no scratches. i got 15 minutes away and the whole time my brain wouldn't shut up. i ended up turning around and waiting for the owner of the truck to come out and verify there was no damage. he really appreciated it. :smile:
  9. I would return it....about the nano, that was so nice of you, definately going to heaven for that one...I returned a few wallets...I recently lost my new fendi keychain/coin purse thingy..it was brand new had my ID in it. I was hopeful that someone would return it to me, but NOOO:huh:o:huh:o...evil people!!
  10. i would return it in a heartbeat. it's not mine, why should i have it?

    something similiar happened where i live. a man lost his dog and he spent 10k on advertising to make the public aware. he also offered a 10k rewards and an additional 3k (i think) to the children's hospital to increase participation to look-out for his dog. a couple found the dog (the day he sent out the flyers) and took the 10k! i know it was a reward, but come on! maybe just give the whole reward to the hopsital? or just take comfort in returning man's best friend to his owner? some people!!! it just riled me up.
  11. i'd return the whole thing... karma's a total biyotch and can totally bite you in the ass if you're not playing your cards right. i would like to have some good karma come back to me. :smile:

    not to mention, if it was me, i would want the person to return everything to me in whole too, and i'd totally send the person a gift card or something as a thank you..
  12. I would return it all!!!!
    2 Christmases ago I had just bought the med. Elipse...had gone out with friends...took a cab home, LEFT my bag in the damn cab...(we had been drinking...hence the cab) and I woke up the next morning crying my eyes out....called the police to make a report (as I thought I had left it in a bar) 10 minutes into the questioning...THE CAB DRIVER RANG THE DOOR BELL!!! No kidding...I had carried that bag 1 time...it would have made a great Xmas gift for his wife...that man made my XMAS....
  13. i'd return it - if someone has an LV bag full of cash and jewelry, i might get a reward, and then i'd get some extra cash without the guilt, lol.
  14. I'd definatly return it!! These things always have a way of coming back to you. I believe that if you put good out there, good will come back. Well, most of the time anyway!!
  15. I wouldn't even think twice - I'd return it ASAP.