What would you do?...

  1. Of course I am supposed to be studying but I am on here instead:p I have noticed that many of you are very very particular when it comes to small irregularities with your bags. I have realized that I should really be more careful when buying mine and look for flaws. Here is my issue: I purchased my pochette azur in december. I realized shortly after that some of the thread had come loose. At the time my bf said to take it back because it shouldn't do that, but I kind of just brushed it off. It seems to be bugging me more and more now. My question is, do you think I should bring it back? Would they exchange it? I do not really want to have it sent out for repairs. Or should i just leave it, because it is just a small flaw? What would you do?? Any input would be truly appreciated:yes:
  2. oh dear, im not very good with the pic thing, so some of my post has been cut off. but my question basically is do you think they would exchange it for a new one even though it has been a few months?
  3. I think you need to get that repaired since it will keep unraveling. They might give you a new one so I suggest taking it back.
  4. I don't know if they exchange that... but if it bothers you, I'd ask and see what they can do for you.
  5. I would take it back and see what they say. At the very least, they should pay to have it repaired for you IMO.
  6. yep, go and speak to the manager and see what she/he says x
  7. Have you used the bag ? If so it didnt bother you that much that you didnt return it then and get a new one.

    You're past your return day by months not days. I would be very up set to know i purchased this a fter you returned it and had it for 4 months:cursing:

    Personally if it bothered me like you say it does you, you would have taken the time when you first got it like your b/f said and returned it.
    So i say cut the string and continue using it.

  8. OMG I would have returned that bag in december.
  9. It's your responsibility to return items you don't like and may be defective. It may be a little late now; I don't know if they have a policy on small items, but I'd go see what they say about it.
  10. I just reread that you had this problem way back in December. You should have taken action then. :yes:
  11. Oh no! I would take it back and see if they'll repair it!
  12. Yeah, I'd say go back and show them the problem. Maybe they'll let you exchange it or they can send it out for repair.
  13. I'm very sorry to hear that. I would take it back and ask for repair.
  14. I too would take it back to the boutique to see what they'll say. Good luck! :heart:.
  15. since you purchased it in december, i don't think they'll exchange it but they might do repair for free. Just go to the store and see what the manager say.