what would you do?

  1. if you had a few hundred to spend in LV would you get a few small things or a bag?
    its my birthday soon plus iv been working extra so i have a little cash and i cant decide what to do.
    my choice is a musette or a few small things iv wanted for a while:shrugs:
  2. depends...for *me* right now, I feel satisfied with all my stuff. I already bought all the essential pieces that I like/want so I would put it toward a bigger purchase now. However if you feel like you really really NEED a cles or a wallet, then put your money toward these things. It all depends on what you need:yes:
  3. I prefer bag :smile: but if you really keen the small accesories, then go for them
  4. For me, right now, I'd get a bag :yes:
  5. i love small accessories
  6. I would go for a bag!!
  7. depends what you need! If you already have a few bags then go for the smaller items! For me I would get a bag.

    P.S what boutique do you shop at? x
  8. I say go for a bag too! For example you could get a Damier Speedy 25 for I think $625 but the Pomme Koala wallet I'm lusting for is $675!! ack!
  9. ^^ luva pug, im going to edinburgh for the weekend for my birhtday so ill be shopping there. i usually go to bond street(i know its stupidly far from me) or LV website but i hate the shipping costs
  10. I, too would save for a bag.
  11. depends.
    i JUST got a bag i have been salivating over, so i am full on into accessories.

    i would go:
    Green perfo cles $215
    bubble earrings $250? for 2 pair
    groom scarf $160?
    mc scarf $160?
    passport holder
    rabbat multicles $230?

    as soon as I get my dentelle speedy next week, i will be an accessory whore.
  12. If i had a couple hundred to spend in LV, I'd get an Inclusion Bracelet of a pair of Black Noumea (sp?) Sneakers or sunglasses!!!
  13. I'd get a bag, but I have the musette (smaller version) and think another bag maybe a better buy. Don't get me wrong I love it but I find it small it's great if you only need a couple of little things but if you carry a lot go for something else
  14. Go for a bag!
  15. A nice bag!