What would you do?

  1. Okay.
    So...I REALLY want an Aqua Work (Aquaqork, thank you Danae for pointing out my medicated spelling;) ).
    I have a bag that's been up for sale for a while with no success. I know I have to sell one of my existing bags to fund the new one. I have one serious offer for my bag that's $300 less than what I paid for it in the store, and it's virtually brand new. Do I:
    -Take the lowball offer and kick in an extra couple hundred for the one I really want
    -Sell off another bag that would probably move faster but I don't really want to part with it
    -Accept that I can't get the Aqua Work and try to put it out of my mind
  2. I let the bag go for less and put extra money if you really want the aqua work, so this way you don't have to sell the other bag you really like.
  3. i'm in the same situation too, and really considering to do this too :sad:

    Take the lowball offer and kick in an extra couple hundred for the one I really want
  4. I'm currently having the same problem stylefly! I would NOT sell a bag you really like. I hope you find a solution good for you. I want an Aqua Work, too! That color is AMAZING!
  5. Definately take the lowball offer and keep the one you like. Can you counter the lowball person?
  6. So is the consensus so far to sell the bag I don't like as much but for a huge discount off what I paid for it? This is so hard! I keep telling myself that I've gotten some really good deals before and that it should balance out but it still seems silly to have wasted $300 to wear a bag twice..
  7. I tried, this is as "high" as she will go and she's the only serious buyer in the past month. It would be selling it for $200 less than I have it currently listed.
  8. what is the bag style and color,I mean.
  9. The bag style that I want? It's an Aquamarine Work...
  10. no, selling.
  11. Not sure if I'm allowed to post that even though I'm selling it elsewhere (Mods, please edit my post if I've gone against the rules). It's an '06 Truffle City.
  12. That's a tough call. I think a lot of us find ourselves in similar situations when we're trying to sell in order to buy. It's tough to take such a big loss. I frequently take losses (althouth usually not that big) and just kind of accept it as part of the cost of selling and buying Bbags.

    Do you have a sense of how hard it will be to find an aqua work if you wait? If it seems like it will be unavailable soon, I might take the loss in order to get what you really want.

    And wait til the meds. wear off before making any decisions.:yes:
  13. Truffle is a pretty color. But I am think it might be hard
    to sell now since spring is here, people want to get some lighter color for spring ? Any other non-bal bags you don't use that can be sold to cover for the new bag ? I would try to save up, make extra money from other places.
  14. I have a truffle too. I think that you should cancel the auction and start it again at a lower price and who knows? You may get the price you want, but by starting it lower you get more people looking at the auction, they get competitive and the price goes up as they out bid each other.
  15. Truffle is not that dark. It is a great color for year round. That is why I picked it.