what would you do?

  1. what would you do if you have a friend who would constantly steal the guys she knows you have a serious thing for?
  2. I HAD a friend that used to do that. She knew that I would never go after a guy that any of my friends liked or used to date. She would tell me she liked the guy as soon as she knew that I like him. We're not friends anymore because she slept with my ex, who at the time was my BF, when I was on vacation.
  3. efusik that's not a friend. omg. i hope her friend sleeps with her bf so she gets a taste of her own poison
  4. Dump her
  5. I guess it depends on how serious you are with these guys. And really, I dislike using the term "stealing" when it comes to people. As if they're property of yours. And I know you probably didn't mean anything by it as it's just a saying, but since people aren't property, how can a friend steal someone from you? When my friends and I go out, every girl is fair game. If you're the kind of guy she is into, great, if not, oh well. I wish the friend who got her number all the luck with her.

    Now, if you're meeting guys on your own...had a couple of dates and she comes in trying to flirt and get him to fall for her, that's disrespectful, and maybe you should stop hanging out with her.
  6. That type of women is someone both men and women should run away from. She sounds very selfish, insecure and just mean!

    I would try to avoid those drama games and avoid her as much as possible. Don't give her what she wants: attention!
  7. I would no longer call her my friend.
  8. Anyone who deliberately does this is not a friend. Dump her ASAP before she causes you more grief.
  9. I wouldn't call her a friend..
  10. ^ I agree with the second bit, but for the first one: girls have different kind of arrangements - a girl likes a guy, her friend has to step back even if the guy is not interested in the other one.
    but I agree that stealing may be the wrong expression.
  11. I would pretend to be really interested in a guy who you know has chronic bad breath, BO or an STD (or preferably all 3!!)

    Let her "go after your crush" and sit back and giggle while she gets what she deserves!!

  12. Assuming shes doing this on purpose, get rid of her.. or else just not tell her who youre into
  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::rolleyes: thats a good one.. lol
  14. I don't get this. Why would I want my friends to possibly miss out on a nice girl simply cause I "saw her first". I mean, I guess it's not completely cut throat like that, but if I approach a girl, we can pretty much tell if she's interested within the first 30 minutes. Girls will flirt with the guy they're interested in, and if it's not me, rather a friend. Good for him! I bow out gracefully, and save my charismatic banter for another lady!
  15. Consider upgrading to a friendlier friend. ;)