What would you do?

  1. I recently won a Coach bag. I received it yesterday. It IS authentic, it does have tags attached (as described in the auction) HOWEVER.....I opened it up and there was a mark on the front of it (on the leather). Looks like either a pen/marker or something rubbed on it and left a mark.

    Nothing in the auction said there were any markings (nope, I didnt ask) and the pictures on the auction did look fine. No markings in the pictures.

    I dont know what to do. I love the bag and would like to keep it. But I cant get the mark off! I tried a baby wipe. Magic Eraser. Nothing is working!

    I immediately took pictures of it. And I contacted the seller and sent the pictures. I was VERY nice. I told her what I wrote above^^ .

    I have had no response from her. I emailed her thru eBay and directly to her email addy. AND of course NO FEEDBACK from her yet! I paid BIN via PayPal. It cleared within seconds of me winning. Which is what I always do!!

    I of course, have not left feedback for her. But I feel at least *I* am deserved feedback since she got my money immiediately :sad:

    I paid good money for this and I feel like it is not in "new" condition, as described because of the "damage"

    What would you do??? Any suggestions?
  2. I think if you want to keep the bag, even in it's condition, then maybe you should ask the seller for a partial refund. How long a go did you contact? It's the weekend, so maybe give her another day? Does she have good feedback, if so give her a chance to work it out.

    If she's not cooperating, then you should file a claim with paypal stating item was not in the condition described. Keep your pictures as proof.

    Hope you get some form of compensation.
  3. It has only been a day since I received it and contacted, so I also figured she was probably busy with the weekend.

    I just wasnt sure what I should expect from her. Meaning, a partial refund or nothing at all.

    I wouldnt even bother if I could get rid of the mark. But if Magic Eraser wont get rid of it, I dont know if it can be taken care of. LOL

    I will give it a couple of days and then try and contact her again, if I get no response!

    I will update, here, what happens! Hopefull it will all turn out good!
  4. I've heard pen marks don't come off leather no matter how hard you try. :sad:

    Try to get her to cooperate. She will either off you a partial refund, or a full refund if you send it back. Since you're happy to keep the bag, then maybe you can suggest the partial. Wait and see what she has to say.

    Don't worry yet, there are reasonable people on eBay too...
  5. Ask for a partial refund, since you would like to keep the bag.

    Give the seller at least 3 days to reply to your email. Not every one is glued to the computer like some of us :p. If she still does not respond, get her contact info from eBay and try calling her.
  6. Thanks yall! I will definitely take your advice :smile:
  7. Also you could take it to a good shoe repair shop. I bet they have some solvent that will take it off and then they can buff it professionally.

  8. I would contact the seller before you try to get it off and potentiall damage the bag. I would ask for a discount or to return the bag.

    After several days, if the seller doesn't respond or refuses you can always open a SNAD claim if you paid via Paypal (sounds like you did).
  9. I would ask for a partial refund. :yes:
  10. I would ask for a partial refund.
  11. Thanks again for everyone's response!

    Still havent heard from her. So I will give it another day or 2. Then proceede with suggestions given!
  12. If you really love the bag, ask for a partial refund and get it fixed.
  13. Well, I just got an email from her. She apologized for the mark on it and said that she is refunding me $5 because of it. In fact, its already in my PayPal account. I never asked for a refund in the begining.

    I paid $150 for it. Do you think $5 is fair? And what kind of feedback would you leave? Of course, she still hasnt left me feedback. LOL
  14. any opinions on my update?
  15. I would do as someone suggested and take it to a leather/shoe repair shop and see if they will give you any idea of what they would charge to remove the stain, then, contact the seller and let them know what answer you received, and ask for that much, plus a little more for the inconvenience, as a partial refund.