What would you do?

  1. I did a BIN on a Coach wallet on eBay. I paid thru Pay Pal, as always. Normally, the payments are cleared immediately. However, this one says:

    Total Amount:
    -$61.25 USDDate:
    Mar. 1, 2007Time:
    16:03:51 PSTStatus:

    Then in the payment section it says:

    Payment To:
    xxx (The recipient of this payment is Unregistered)Seller's ID:
    xxxSeller's Email:
    xxx (I put the xxx in lieu of the name!)
    I emailed the seller (who is a power seller with 100% feedback and TONS of feedback. No response.

    What does this mean? What would you do?:s

    THANKS IN ADVANCE!!:smile:
  2. maybe you types in the wrong PayPal address?? that happened to me once and i was a letter of... cancel it anf try to resend it!
  3. I think that could be it. That happened to me twice! I had to cancel, and resend the payment.
  4. Yes, cancel it and send again. Note...if your payment is coming from your checking account it will take 4-5 days for the money to go back into your account from the 1st payment, AND it's credited to Paypal account not your checking.
  5. did you click a buy it now button and pay that way or DID you type the email addy in? email the seller and let them know what is going on.
  6. I hit BIN and paid that way. I did not type in the address. The PayPal address is the same name as their eBay ID.

    I also emailed them and asked if everything was okay.

    Its so weird. I will wait until end of day for a response. If I dont get one, I guess I will cancel and try again.

  7. Hi. Do a contact member, via eBay and have her check her e-mail account addresses listed in PP. She might just have to add a new e-mail address into PP. Then she can claim her $$$. Let her know you paid and it is coming up unclaimed. This has happened to me several times, as a buyer.
  8. GOOD NEWS!!

    I heard from the seller finally. She said for some reason her email addy is wrong in her PayPal account and cant seem to get payment on BIN ! So she told me to cancel, and she sent me an invoice!

    WHEW! Taken care of!

    Thanks again!