what would you do???

  1. hey, ya'll. please help me decide - I just got my natural gh work bag in today :yahoo: but I had also gotten a white (blanc) gh brief. Should I keep the brief? Are the colors too similar? My daughter says keep it - but I need an adult's opinion.:smile: Both bags are very pretty. Help me decide. thx.
  2. We definitely need pics in a situation like this. Please post some.
  3. Congratulations on your fabulous Handbag purchases!!

    I would keep the GH Natural Work


    Return the White Brief and get another GH Bag in a dark color...either black or marine....or even a bright color like French Blue or Vert Gazon.
  4. Yes pics please, preferrably with you wearing them.
  5. You know what i am going to say: Keep the Natural Work w/GH.:yahoo:
  6. ^ i would say the same :smile:
  7. I already have vert gazon gh in day, truffle gh in brief, vert deau rh in brief - so far this season:smile: here's a couple of pictures of the white brief - ya'll have already seen nanaz's natural work. My daughter wanted to model it.;)
    kaitlyns camera 102.jpg kaitlyns camera 101.jpg
  8. ^^^you lucky, lucky woman^^^^ :nuts:

    In that case I would return the white and buy a black or marine city in GH because you already have 2 briefs. I have the Black GH City and love, love, love her!! :love:

    I also have the Vert Gazon Day in GH...she was my first Bag.....:heart: :heart:
  9. thanks so much for your input. greatly appreciated.
  10. Wow, the brief is larger than I thought. It looks nice, but I think I would keep the work in natural.
  11. Well, they are both different styles. So if you like both styles and can swing it financially, keep both of them. If you can't afford it, I'd say keep the natural work with GH.
  12. ditto:yes:
  13. I'm a Work girl, and am nuts for the Naturel with GH, so that's a done deal for me :p

    But if you can afford both, then I say the more the merrier! ;)
  14. i agree :yes:
  15. If I had to choose I'd keep the natural work w/GH for sure!!! It's absolutely stunning and return your white for a completely different color.