What would you do with....

  1. $10,000.00 at LV

    Here is how it works: You either were given the $, inherited the $ or won the $. No matter how you look @ it, it wont cost you anything but the sales tax or shipping if you decide to do it on eluxury lol! You HAVE to spend it @ LV and only LV. Would you go for things you DREAMED of getting, things you normally wouldnt think of buying/saving for or would "quanity" kick in and would you want to get tons for $10k?

    Example. I :heart: a lot of the Jewelry! There is a $10k watch I want, a $9.7k bracelet I want and a $4.3k one as well, 3 rings I just love to death $1.9k,-$3.3k and I always wanted my ears pierced so this one pair is $870.00. Of course I cannot get it all but I would have to pick and choose!

    BUT... there are leather goods I like and clothing too!

    Not that this is going to happen lol, it would be nice if it did though, but im anxious to know what others would do with this kind of $ @ their FAVORITE store! I still havn't decided on what I would do yet haha!
  2. hmmm.........I would def. get whats on my LV wishlist, and a few scarfes, a pair of two of shoes and some little things for my mum ( all the would probably be over 10,00 :biggrin:)
  3. I wouldnt sit there debating if the use and enjoyment ill get out of it will be worth the money. Nor would I consider how well the item will hold up or if i even need it! I'd get a perle lexington, cles, ludlow and french purse. As well as a new white MC wapity, the azur saleya in either MM or PM, the dentelle ludlow and pochette wallet in gold, gosh, with so much money, maybe id even get the silver too!! A cabas piano, a speedy 30 in mono, a azur speedy 25. Looks like i would just get normal stuff small stuff nothing to exotic, just stuff that I like but normally wouldnt purchase due to finances, the durability of the items, and the use-factor. And the list goes on...
  4. I'd get a Le fab in blue, suhali lockit in black, the hampstead MM, and the patchwork speedy. That would put me at approximately 10k with tax, lol. If I have any money left over, I'll get a new pomme zipper or PTI wallet.
  5. LUGGAGE! and as much as possible. and an MC speedy, iv wanted 1 for a while.
    does it have to be spent in store or could i buy discontinued things too coz id love a cerise pochette.

    i just added up my wish list and it comes to just over £10,000 but i suppose thats cheating since u said $
  6. I think I'd go for higher priced regular lines so I could still get multiple things.
    Although there are some watches I like that I could get for that & if i'm allowed to add money to it I'd prob consider a croc speedy
  7. well if u took $10k to eBay, u could proably get like $15k worth of stuff lol! has to be spent on LV, so sure why not lol. And if u want to add $ knock your self out
  8. Le Fab, Suhali Lockit, MC Speedy, Vernis Brentwood and it there's any left a bandeau!
  9. definitely a Le Fab and probably some of the other purses i've been wanting as well including scarves. this is a toughie....
  10. A Birkin?

    honestly, I don't know. I usually buy the LV I want. And I don't think I'd like a lot of their jewelry except a few charms. Perhaps the Paris at night watch that glows in the dark.

    If it wasn't inherited, a little more of "the blue pill" in granpa's coffe and I'd get myself a trunk. :supacool: (JK)!!! I*d really like a medium sized trunk .
  11. haha! that twilight watch is $37.k-45.k! little over haha!
  12. Oh my. I definately want a Le fab in white, wait for the patchwork and buy it, finally get my azur speedy 30, and maybe a vernis piece to mix things up.
  13. -Special Order Damier Keepall 55 Bandouliere with Vachetta and cross grain leather lining
    -Some RTW
    -A few shoes
    -Monogram Canvas Alzer 80
    -Blue Croc Billfold with 9 CC slots and 2 bill compartments
  14. Le Fab in black
    Mini Lin Speedy
    Azur Speedy
    Cabbas Piano
    Pomme Brentwood
    Fuschia Neo Speedy

    Is that more than 10,000?