What would you do with your unused bags?

  1. I might be the only person on the face of earth with a closet full of Coach bags that haven't been used... with tags still on them. I bought bags a year-2 years ago but I just keep on using the same old bags. Now I love the legacy line and planning on doing some major damage to my wallet. What would you do?

    Choice 1. Keep the bags because I still love them and buy new legacy bags.
    Choice 2. Sell the older (unused) bags on eBay as a form of damage control.
    Choice 3. Other
  3. Choice 2! Especially ones with tags still on them! Then you can buy new bags and not feel guilty and you are sharing the 'Coach love' with others! LOL! And I bet you aren't the only one with a closet full of unused bags with tags still on them but at least here you have lots of people who understand!
  4. I vote #2. That being said, if you can afford it and have a couple unused bags that you REALLY love, I would keep those and sell the rest (especially if any of those unused bags is a limited edition or something we don't see at the outlets).
  5. U are not alone.

    I have last year's scribble demi roll. I still haven't used it. And I have the tag and the receipt. I am thinking to return it and get the shoulder legecy bag.

    What do u ladies think?
  6. #2 and let me know your eBay name when and if you list....lol
  7. I don't know how old the bags are but if they have the tags on it, maybe you can contact Coach to return the bags and get a credit?


    I don't know where you live but maybe you can find a consignment shop in your area?

  8. Shoulder bag slut weighing in - return the demi and get the shoulder!
  9. Same here. Please share your eBay name if you list the items. What do you have that's new with tags? Can you post pics?
  10. I'm pretty sure any or all of us would be more than happy to "help" you out with your old bags. *L*
  11. Choice 2. Sell the older (unused) bags on ebay as a form of damage control.

    if i were you i would definitely sell those bags with the tags still on them and use the money from selling them to buy the bags you want now.
  12. agreed!!! let us know!!!!
  13. I agree with everyone's input so far... Look at what you have and find the ones you are definately never going to use and feel like you could part with, then ebay/consignment/return/ pawn off on us those. :biggrin:

    I have been going through the same thing... alot of items coming in - with not as much being used, etc. I have been trying to come up with a plan to keep a certain number of bags and try to stay within that limit... so if another one comes in, then one has to go out.

    Also... when I am shopping, I am going to start trying to bring a "needs" list with me, so I just don't start grabbing at random (which sounds like it would never happen... but seriously, you'd be surprised). Also... I have been trying to mentally coach myself into impulse buying accessories only, so the blow isn't as big...

    All in all, size up what you have - figure out what you definately need and can part with, and then base your collection on that... Now to listen to my own advice.:push:
  14. Dear kiuty77:

    I just sold four bags on EBAY to make room for my new Legacy ones.
    If you do decide to sell any of your bags on Ebay please do let me know your EBAY name as I might be interested in some of them.

    kind regards,
  15. You are definitely not alone!

    Since they are brand new with tags, I would either sell them at ebay or MP, or give them away for friends during their birthdays. This way, I'll have more shopping funds and space for new bags! Coach will definitely have more new items out every season and if you have been keeping them for 1-2 years without having the urge to use them, you'll NEVER gonna feel like using them in another 1-2 years! JMHO. ;)