What would you do with your beaded tote

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  1. I have a dilemma with my beaded tote. I've sent one of my beaded signature totes back to Coach before to get repaired and they couldn't do it so I was credited for the full amount of the tote plus tax. I still have a metallic signature beaded tote that I currently use but the beads are falling off at an alarming rate. I really love this bag and want it repaired but I'm pretty sure Coach will credit it back to me and I will lose the tote forever. Should I just send it back or keep it? I've tried to have the bag repaired at a private business but they couldn't do it since the beads are made of glass.
  2. If the second beaded bag is damaged to the point that you don't want to/can't use it anymore then I would say send it in for repair/a refund. But if you are using it still, I'd wait until it gets to the point where you don't want to use it because it's in poor enough shape in your opinion.
  3. I knew this was going to happen with the beaded items, so as much as I liked them I passed on it. I would just send it back, since the beads are falling off and you will most likely not be using it anymore.
  4. I agree with grayxie!
  5. I think athena has a good point. Get as much life out of it as you can before its too far gone for your taste and then send it back for refund.
  6. you can't keep the bag and the credit and just buy one off ebay???

    they really make you send back the bag in order to get credit?

    i guess if they keep it...take the credit and buy one off ebay...I bought one myself a few months back
  7. ^No they don't let you keep the bag and the credit. I wish!

    Thanks for your input ladies. I will send the bag back. I'm done with the beads. They're too fragile. I just let the handles of the bag fall to a rest on the side of the bag and that's enough to crack the beads.

    The bags are beautiful and it was a great idea from Coach but it's really hard to take care of those glass beads.