What would you do with this Tiffany's jewelry?

  1. For my 30th birthday a couple years ago, my sisters bought me an Elsa Peretti set of silver earrings, ring and necklace from Tiffany's. Thing is, it isn't really my taste and I've only worn them twice in the time I've had them.

    I've pretty much only kept them because they were a gift from my sisters. Just wondering what you would do in my position?

  2. It's hard to get rid of gifts from relatives....I would probably keep them & wear them when I was out with the sisters that did the gifting....just to prove I still had them, and that the gift was "appreciated"... and make sure they have a better idea of what styles I like the next time a big gifting occassion was coming up...
  3. what nice sisters you have! I would def. keep the set. It can't take up too much room and they have sentimental value for you. Wear them occasionally around your sisters and be thankful they think so much of you to buy you Tiffany's. btw, which elsa peretti jewelry is it?
  4. From the Teardrop collection. Looking at them again, they are pretty and classic-looking. I should just wear them more often!
  5. I got these earrings for my birthday last weekend! I love these. I get tons of compliments on how elegant they look. No one even knows they're from Tiffany's because they don't have the logo stamped across the front. I even forget I'm wearing any earrings because they are so light. I'm sure they look so pretty on you. Wear them and see if they grow on you a little!
  6. i would keep them and wear them at least occasionally just because they were from my sisters. i'm sentimental like that.
    and at least they are simple and pretty, even if not exactly your style. now if it was some tacky set, i might have more trouble wearing them and i would probably have been honest from the start and asked if they would mind i exchanged them or something...
  7. I would keep them as a sign of my sis' love for me....also i think Tiffany's teardrop's really unique and pretty :smile:
  8. glad for your slight change of mind:nuts:, yeah, wear them often! we all encourage you too because we've got lots of love for tiffs here!
  9. i would keep them and wear them occasionally since they're a gift
  10. sell it on eBay
  11. I was going to say sell on eBay and get something you would wear more often...until I saw the pic you posted!! I love the teardrop pieces! I've lusted after those exact earrings, the bangle bracelet and ring for a couple of years now!!! You'r so lucky!!!!
  12. You should wear them as and when you can, it really is a thoughtful gift!x
  13. If you are really not going to wear them, call Signed PIeces. They do a lot of resale of Tiffany and Cartier and other highend brands.
  14. Thanks for everyone's input--really appreciate it. I'll be keeping them for sure.
  15. I can never give away a gift from friends, relatives, etc. I don't even exchange it (unless it's a size problem.) It's rude. Here's something you can do, why don't you keep the gift and when you have a daughter, you can give it to her? That's what I'm planning to do. When I have a daughter (or daughter-in-law), I'll give away or pass down my jewelry.