What would you do with this purchase? Patent mini

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  1. Hello Chanel lovers.

    Yet again I had my PS find an item on vestiairecollective dot com and I was about to do a reveal for you guys.
    It's a dark blue with green undertones patent square quilted mini with silver hardware.. 15 series..

    It's so beautiful, and feels so lush. It was under the category "very good condition" meaning there should be no wear, no stains, and not tears.
    heres the problem. There is a stain. I think it's red nail varnish and I don't want to mess too much with cleaning this out. What if I ruin the bag? I am thinking of sending it back. It came with its hologram sticker but no card (which I knew) and I paid £1325 bc I thought this was the one. I went and had a chevron caviar mini in my hands the other day, but wanted something different so I went with this one. What should I do? Send it back bc it doesn't fit the description? (Still have tags on it) or keep and try and mess with the stain? It is not a surface stain! I tried already with a wrenched out damp microfibre cloth. It's definitely varnish or something...
    Help very much appreciated! Would love your opinions!!❤️ Ps: I LOVE Chanel Patent leather!!!!

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  2. where is the stain?
    It would bother me personally.
  3. Hi Swanky.

    Yes.. me too.. Just bc I gave up that chevron the other day for this thing, bc i was told it's in perfect condition..
    The stain is on the left side...when the bag is full it looks like in the picture...
  4. I'd send it back too....Sorry for the inconvenience :sad: Hope the next one works out!!!
  5. Thanks bella:hugs:
  6. I would send it back and go get that chevron 😊 They have the chevron in navy in some places too if you want to get a similar color....
  7. Such a gorgeous bag, but that stain is unacceptable.
  8. Yeah I'm not loving that one -- it looks like it has permeated the leather --
  9. I have contacted VC, and they asked for pics. They got the email now, and working on a return. So beautiful...... Wish it wasn't so. Love the feel of the patent, and the chain is so nice and firm with patent leather running through, but no. I will wait for the right one to come along!! Thanks for letting me share, loves!!!
  10. send it back!!
  11. It would definitely bother me as well, since a red polish stain is unacceptable. I had dealt with VC and they seem sometimes reluctant taking items back, even it does not match the description. therefore I will always recommend everybody to use PayPal when dealing with VC. I have my fingers crossed for you and that you will receive your money back smoothly.
  12. #12 Mar 29, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
    Thank you LVoe. I paid with my MasterCard and they offer protection too. I don't think they can do anything but to take this bag back. I will think about using PayPal in the future. so far so good though. The girl saw the picture and apologised and told me I will hear back very soon about return. I also got a jumbo from them under very good condition with a broken flap seam! They offered a return. But I kept it and had it restitched by Chanel for free. So that's good. But patent leather is another thing!! Oh well! It wasn't meant to be! Will keep you posted!!❤️
  13. Stains/color transfers on patent leather are irreversible. I wouldn't keep it. I hope everything works out well for you :smile:
  14. Thanks, love! I know... I'm sending it back and picking up a brand new one on my trip to Berlin in a month or so:smile: thanks for your kind words❤️❤️❤️
  15. Send it back
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