What would you do with this Coach bag????

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  1. Hey all..Just wanted to ask your advice...Now that I have both the Glam tote and the small patent spotlight...My 16 yr. old daughter wants one... I really don't know what to do..She has a soho sig. hobo that I bought her a few years ago and it still looks Great.....I don't mind sharing as well all know..So that is not an issue...I look at it this way, at least she likes my taste being that she is 16,lol...She's been after my op art sabrina, and I cannot give that bag up!!!!!My point was, do you think the patent glam tote is too much for a 16 yr. old????
  2. I think it's perfect for that age - but if you trust her enough. Honestly, it's all up to you. As long as she knows how to take care of it, I'd say it's okay if you're okay with sharing.
  3. Oh yeah, she's good with her belongings just like me....I just cannot believe that I bought 2 bags in one day....Maybe this is my way of Not feeling guilty....My daughter has watched how I take care of my Coach and my other personal items, so they learn what they see...Thats a good thing,lol....:smile:
  4. No, I think that is a great age for a bag like that! If she takes care of her things and would appreciate them like you do...then I say go for it!
  5. Well, my DD is the proud owner of a Patent leather glam tote....Now I can consentrate on my other 2 bags that need to be cared for....So I will be back down to 4 bags....It will include my small Patent spotlight,Soho suede demi flap, and my Only Sabrina, ms. op art sm/med. in light/khaki/sand, & last but not least ms. lg. zoe.........I love keeping it to a minimum amount....:P
  6. awww that was sweet of you
  7. Thanks, like other's said, I can't use both Patent leather bags..So I'd rather share with my DD......It's better than collecting dust,lol...:P
  8. That was very sweet of you!

    Not trying to be a stalker or anything, but what happened to your med siggy Zoe? I remember discussing her with you b/c my sister had the same one :P
    Then again, I haven't been reading TPF the past few days, so I may have missed something you posted about that! Just curious... :biggrin:
  9. I'am doing away with some...That saying goe's for me too 1 in 1 out...Well, I won some $ on a ticket and bought 3 bags yesterday, 1 went to a DF that has been diagnosed with Cancer, and I wanted to do something kind for her.....So I'am getting a new home for 2..The med. zoe and Ikat...I gave my DD one of the Patent bags that I bought yesterday...Now I will have 4 bags like I posted above...Now I feel like I'm talking to my BF,lol he wants to know what I have and how much it cost etc...I'am keeping lg. zoe, suede flap, sm/med. sabrina, and my poppy patent spotlight....
  10. I think Poppy is perfect for teenagers. That was nice of you.
  11. Thank you, she has been on the phone all morning telling her friends, lol....I wouldn't trade anything for the smile on her face when I said ok you can have it....;)
  12. I think its very well suited to a 16 yo!! :smile:
    Awwww you gave it too her...cool!! :smile:
  13. so sweet of you!!!! I wish i had a daughter that i could share with... so far i have 2 boys and they're way young too :P
  14. Very sweet of you! I think it is a great bag for that age. I think Coach was trying to attract a younger age group with the poppy collection.
  15. I think it's a great bag and is very age appropriate for her. From what you say, she seems to take very good care of her other bag, so I think it'd be okay to give OR share this bag with her.