What Would You Do With Store Credit?

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  1. I got store credit for my galliera gm and not 100% sure on what to spend it on due to the shortage. Should I get the artsy mm or tote from the empriente line or get a few bags?
  2. I would hang onto it until I went into the store one day and something knocked my socks off! But maybe that's just me. :smile:
  3. It just seems like nothing really interests me anymore :sad:
  4. I agree with pltprincess. Don't buy just to buy.

    Or you could sell your store credit on ebay!
  5. I would just keep it and use it when you find something you really want. You want to make sure you use it on something you'll enjoy and won't have to return.
  6. I'd keep it til I saw something I really wanted. Does it expire?
  7. I'm not really sure but that's a good question.
  8. How do they issue store credit, exactly? Is it a gift card? If so, maybe - particularly if it does expire - you'd be better off trying to sell the gift card for slightly less than its value, rather than buying something just for the sake of it.

    That's a shame that nothing at LV excites you right now. :sad:
  9. They put it on a card. I guess I'll just have to wait and see the empreinte line irl. I went through an ordeal with my galliera that's why I'm so tired of LV. I'm drained, lol!
  10. Wait until the empriente line comes out!
  11. Store credit shouldn't expire. You may not have much interest because there isn't much available right now. How about a couple of shawls or scarves, the classics are timeless great additions to any wardrobe!
  12. Wait for the Artsy Honey... Or like the other posters said... Wait until you see something you really like and fall for x x
  13. Hang on to your store credit until you find something that you really love. I agree, don't buy just to buy.
  14. When does it expire? If it doesn't for awhile, I would just hang on to it till something you like comes along, and when there isn't a "shortage" anymore.

    Looks like the shortage is for in anticipation to the holiday season, so there maybe more stock available during and after the holidays. *hopefully*!!!
  15. Thanks :smile: