What would you do with a million dollars?

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  1. Just for fun, what would you do if you just won a million dolllars?

    (Seems like I like to half everything) I would first pay the taxes so I wouldn't get in trouble, down to about $500,000, then I would put half of that into a trust or money market where I couldn't spend it, down to $250,000. I'd save half of that toward my dream home, down to $125,000. I'd take 25,000 and donate to my favorite animal chariety to build habitats for the animals that so desperatly need them. Probably a complete habitat for the bears (about $20,000) and then a habitat for my favorite primate with some left over for other improvements. Down to 100,000, I'd spend 25,000 on a dream vaction, to Austrlia and Europe, then I would give hubby $25,000 to spend on himself, he'd probably buy a couple of powered parachutes for flying and a new trailer, etc. that would leave me $50,000 to go wild with! I'd probably save $25, 000 for furniture for the house and then spend the last $25,000 on a complete new wardrobe, all the purses and shoes I wanted and pay a personal trainer to whip me into shape!!!!

    Wow that was fun, now how can I actually get that million dollars all at once??????????
  2. Pay off any debt and invest the rest.........and of course get a new bag!
  3. quit my job! open my own boutique, pay off my debt, buy a bigger house, travel and ofcourse shop, a lot! although my bf's a financial planner, so he'd probably have other thoughts..
  4. give about $25,000 away to good causes, buy a modest house with about $250,000, save about $25,000 for grad school later on, give another $25k to my parents for raising me, blow about $10k on clothes and bags, maybe buy a car and invest the rest for posterity, I wonder if I could live off of the interest?
  5. Buy a house, pay off my student loans, invest, take a nice vacation and of course buy a few purses!;)
  6. hmm...invest in properties, shop, and take a cruise around the world..this way even when i have no money left i can say i've seen it all lol
  7. Probably donate half and invest a quarter, then spend the remaining on travelling, shopping, $$$ (lots!) for parents, and probably some property. I'd probably want to invest in property anyways, rather than stock, it really pays off to be a landlord.
  8. i would save a bunch of money for college (i want to go to princeton!!), buy a car, put a bunch of money in the bank and let the interest grow!, pay of my parents' mortgage...hmm i have no idea how much that is but i'd go on a shopping spree!
  9. Donate some, give my parent some and save some!
  10. Okay, so since lottery winnings aren't taxable in Canada, I have the full million to pay with. First, I'd pay off my parents' mortgage, which is only a little bit left I think. Then I'd buy a house and a car each for myself and for my boyfriend. The rest I'd give to either Doctors Without Borders or Make A Wish Foundation.
  11. pay off the mortgage on my parents house, buy my own house, buy a new car, a mini $2-3k shopping spree, and then invest the rest if there is any left over. :P
  12. invest invest invest
  13. Quit my job and do volunteer work
    Buy my dream apartment
    Buy a studio i Paris (6ème)
    Travel a lot
    Invest the rest

    Hmmm, think I need a least 2 million
  14. Pay off student loans!
    Buy my mom a new car (Infiniti G35!), buy my bf a new car, buy a home in the neighborhood of $300k-400k, something comfortable but still affordable. I'd buy a Grady White boat for fishing, and invest some money in a timeshare down in the Keys that I can rent out and stay there when I'd like. I'd also take time off from work and go to grad school, and invest whatever money is left over.
  15. Help the survivers of hurricaine Katrina and invest the rest. Hold on !!! before I put the rest in the bank I may just buy a new bag.