What would you do with a million dollars?

Inky Paws

Oct 19, 2005
Just for fun, what would you do if you just won a million dolllars?

(Seems like I like to half everything) I would first pay the taxes so I wouldn't get in trouble, down to about $500,000, then I would put half of that into a trust or money market where I couldn't spend it, down to $250,000. I'd save half of that toward my dream home, down to $125,000. I'd take 25,000 and donate to my favorite animal chariety to build habitats for the animals that so desperatly need them. Probably a complete habitat for the bears (about $20,000) and then a habitat for my favorite primate with some left over for other improvements. Down to 100,000, I'd spend 25,000 on a dream vaction, to Austrlia and Europe, then I would give hubby $25,000 to spend on himself, he'd probably buy a couple of powered parachutes for flying and a new trailer, etc. that would leave me $50,000 to go wild with! I'd probably save $25, 000 for furniture for the house and then spend the last $25,000 on a complete new wardrobe, all the purses and shoes I wanted and pay a personal trainer to whip me into shape!!!!

Wow that was fun, now how can I actually get that million dollars all at once??????????
quit my job! open my own boutique, pay off my debt, buy a bigger house, travel and ofcourse shop, a lot! although my bf's a financial planner, so he'd probably have other thoughts..
give about $25,000 away to good causes, buy a modest house with about $250,000, save about $25,000 for grad school later on, give another $25k to my parents for raising me, blow about $10k on clothes and bags, maybe buy a car and invest the rest for posterity, I wonder if I could live off of the interest?
Probably donate half and invest a quarter, then spend the remaining on travelling, shopping, $$$ (lots!) for parents, and probably some property. I'd probably want to invest in property anyways, rather than stock, it really pays off to be a landlord.
i would save a bunch of money for college (i want to go to princeton!!), buy a car, put a bunch of money in the bank and let the interest grow!, pay of my parents' mortgage...hmm i have no idea how much that is but i'd go on a shopping spree!
Okay, so since lottery winnings aren't taxable in Canada, I have the full million to pay with. First, I'd pay off my parents' mortgage, which is only a little bit left I think. Then I'd buy a house and a car each for myself and for my boyfriend. The rest I'd give to either Doctors Without Borders or Make A Wish Foundation.
Pay off student loans!
Buy my mom a new car (Infiniti G35!), buy my bf a new car, buy a home in the neighborhood of $300k-400k, something comfortable but still affordable. I'd buy a Grady White boat for fishing, and invest some money in a timeshare down in the Keys that I can rent out and stay there when I'd like. I'd also take time off from work and go to grad school, and invest whatever money is left over.