What would you do with a "free" $3000 Chanel?

  1. This is just insane.

    First, I should say that my life is so blessed that I need to get a perspective on this (and I already am as I type this).

    But the gall of some people!

    My beautiful $3000 Chanel bag (that I got 30% off) was shipped to the wrong address! Somehow, the last digit was omitted from my house number and believe it or not, a real residence exists with that mistaken address. I called FedEx this morning asking where my package could be, they looked up the address, compared it to mine, it was delivered to someone else! And that *someone else* has been enjoying my bag for weeks now.

    FedEx is sending out a "retrieval unit" tomorrow to that location. I hope they find my bag. I won't have to pay for it if it's missing, but I really want the bag.

    This is the second time it's happened to me. Three years ago, we moved to our new house and Saks sent my huge jar of Creme de la Mer to our old house and the people there kept it! They denied ever receiving a shipment. Luckily Saks resent everything and gave me extra goodies.
  2. hope that they get the bag and that the get a new one. This story makes my blood boil just thinking the bag that you paid for is being enjoyed by someone else. what chance is there that the person will own up to having the bag? Just quick question; over in the US dont you need to show proof of identity when you recive goods? We have that over here in UK so whenever I order xpensive item I have to show my passport or other document with my identity
  3. Saks does not do a signature required for packages because "people were never home to receive them". I was told this when they left my bag outside a business address, on a Saturday in the rain:boxing: Lucky for me, I was tracking the package all day and caught it within 5 min of delivery, called FEDEX and made them pickup the package and hold until someone could sign for it. Had I not done that someone would have got a $3000 belated Christmas present.:cursing:
  4. oooh my god...i hope they give you a new bag..
  5. If the bag was shipped via the US Postal Service with a special service of some kind, yeah, they would require some kind of identity.

    But it was shipped via UPS and FedEx and signature requirement isn't always there.

    Yes, through both lost packages, the most upsetting part is knowing that there are people, who are neighbors mind you, who will just keep these wonderful gifts that fall from heaven. <sarcasm>

    There are no more of my bags left in the system. :sad:
  6. Sorry to hear about that aptmtb.

    Something similar happened to me a few years ago with computer equipment. Fed Ex is great and will do whatever it takes to get it back. Fed Ex will have the person's signature on file too.

    When my computer equipment went missing; I involved Fed Ex, Amex and the police.

    Best of luck to you and I hope this will have a happy ending!
  7. oh no!!

    i hope they find it. if not, you should file a police report. send that residence a ltr or call them letting them know you KNOW they've received your goods and need to give it up before you report them.
  8. Hope you get your bag! How can someone with a good conscious keep something like that.
  9. I'm so sorry! Wouldn't the person who opened the box have noticed that it wasn't addressed to them? Hopefully they didn't open the box and it is just waiting for Fed Ex to pick it up.
  10. You should show up at the house, identify yourself, and ask for your handbag back! The look on the face of the potential culprit would be priceless! I'd bring along a camera to capture the moment!

    Ugh, this is just so wrong, but I hope both Fedex and Saks can make it right. Keep me posted. Which bag was this?
  11. Cammy, some does but some doesn't. And while some shipment requires at least a signature, many times packages are just left at the door. I don't know if this is the same with others but at least that's how it is with my neighborhood.

    Sometimes I really don't like how FedEx/UPD/DHL in my neighborhood works. They'd just leave the packages at the door no matter how valuable the item is, clearly noted in their records. Even when I was home, they'd just ring the bell and leave the package, then drive of right away!

    I once lost a package in the similar way, as they delievered it to an apartment in the next block for whatever reason. BUT it was no way something valuable as a $3000 bag! I wonder why such item did not require a signature! I really hope you can resolve the matter in the best way.
  12. I don't understand people! I hope you get your bag!
  13. I once had a shipment delivered to another address . My package was lost and the usps worker said she did not deliver anything to me . I went to her supervisor at the post office and she told me the delivery person had never scanned the package and a few others that day and this has happened before. The manager tracked down my package received it about a month late. She also told me the delivery person was already or probation for messing up packages. I had a neighbor keep my package for a month (this was a business) then let me know yes they had a package when I went around to neighboring places asking if they received my package. It was opened but my things were unharmed but I was wondering why they kept it my address was on there. I bet your neighbors kept it and do not think they will get in trouble. I hope you get your bag soon
  14. oh no, i'm so sorry, i hope they are able to locate it and get it to you quickly!

    (i must admit when i first saw your thread title i was very excited about the possibilty of a free chanel bag)! :lol:
  15. Whenever I have had something shipped from NM or Saks they ALWAYS require a signature on packages over $3000. My SA will often ship in two packages so I don't have to be home to sign. I know my Fedex driver and we have a good place to put the packages so I don't have to worry about theft.

    Be sure to talk to your SA when you are having items shipped. I think they can REQUIRE a signature on shipping if you want.

    That said. I desperately hope they find your bag!