What would you do with $1200?

  1. It sounds like a funky question, but I have some extra money and don't know exactly what to do with it. I was thinking of getting some LV sunglasses, or a new keepall or something. I wonder what you folks think. What would you do with the money? How could I get the most for the money?

    Your opinions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Personally, I'd put it into my bank account :p & save it for rainy days.

    You don't always have to spend your extra money, isn't it? Unless you have something in mind that you want to buy.
  3. lol...if you have to ask, then there is really nothing you need at the moment !!
  4. If you've had the sunglasses and keepall in mind for some time, then now's your chance. It's happened to me more than once that I've gone for ages without getting something I wanted, thinking I couldn't really justify it, but when I finally did get it found myself wondering why I'd put it off so long!

    OTOH, if you're just thinking of those items as possibilities without really wanting them, maybe you'd be better off putting the money away for the day when you see *the* handbag of your dreams and realize you can't live another minute without it ... then you'll be able to rush in and grab it!
  5. save it for when you see something you have to have! (I asked the same question a week or so ago, and ended up keeping it for something I fell in love with)
  6. It doesn't mean that if you have money on hand that you have to spend it ASAP. Keep it for now until you know what to do with it.
  7. Exactly! Invest it! Do something PRODUCTIVE with your money... because let's be honest, bags are NOT financial investments (I really only say that as a rationalization). :smile:
  8. I will keep it till enough for the mc speedy white:drool::graucho:
  9. save it :smile:
  10. Agreed -- save it until you LOVE something -- then you can get something extra special :smile:
  11. I would save it for something really special and then go crazy!!! lol
  12. yes save =) unless you REALLY REALLY REALLY want something. Or unless you've been wanting to go on a small vacation =) 1200 is a lot of money!
  13. GOOD POINT!!! LOL! :lol:
  14. You're man, right? Go for Damier Bastille, Geant Couguar, Mono Abbesses or Keepall ;)
  15. I'd save $300 more and get a Manhattan PM!