What would you do? should i keep the dream alive or let it burn?

  1. is there anyone else that is saving all of the bags they don't use anymore for their daughters? i'm saving my ribera and my mono mizi for my daugters and my friend thinks its really wierd seeing as how i don't have any children. i don't use my ribera or my mono mizi anymore and the more i look at them i think "wow that would be a really cute bag for a girl in high school". my freind then counters with those bags will be out of style in fiftenn years because LV would have other styles. This is true but i think that they would appreciate them that much more because they might not be readily available. i don't use either of those bags at all(got the trevi so the ribera is out and i just don't like mono bags that much so there goes the mizi). i don't want to sell the bags because i hope that my daughters would want them, i wish i would have had an LV in highschool. i know some people now a days do wear LV in highchool but they are usually speedy's or papillion's(hope i spelled that correctly). so what do you guys think, should i sell so that i could fund another bag(really want mirage griet) or should i hold on to the dream.

    p.s. i know some might feel selll them now and rebuy them in about thirteen years but with LV'S price increases i might have to pay hundreds more for the same bag and the mizi is LE so i can't get that anymore.
  2. I would keep them. Both are classic bags and I think they will still be in style over 15 years or more.

    It's such a cute idea to hold on to these bags for your future daughters!
  3. I would keep them. I put so much thought into what bags I buy they become kind of a sentimental thing to me, they are like little milestones in some ways, it makes it difficult for me to sell them....... I too go in and out of phases with mono and patterns, one day you may wake up and feel like using them, I've been there many times and I love when that happens.
  4. thanks pinkgoldfish, its a good investment and i think they would appreciate them. it's a bag they could grow up with, from high school to college.
  5. I would keep them.
  6. If you have the space to keep them, I'd hang onto them. There's no predicting whether your future daughters will appreciate them or not, or whether they will ever come back into fashion or not, but personally I'd take the chance.

    My mother had a fabulous red velvet dress hanging up in her wardrobe when I was a kid. It had been made for her and was a beautiful shape with crystal buttons down the back. I had every hope of inheriting that dress (I'm the same size as my mother) ... but when I came home from school one afternoon, it was to find my brother had cut it up and decorated the bottoms of his jeans with the red velvet cut into shapes like flames. (I could have killed him.) The dress wouldn't have been fashionable when I was in my teens but if it had still been in existence when I was in my late 20s I would have loved it and worn it and worn it. It would have been nice to have worn my mother's dress ... I'm not quite sure why, but I wish I had been able to.
  7. I think you should keep them. The Mizi is discontinued and the Ribera may be in the next 14+ years. So i'm sure she would appreciate them more for theat reason.
  8. Definitely keep them, especially the Mizi. Maybe if you carry her more, you'll like her more?

    Don't pay any attention to those who say that a certain bag will be out of style in a couple of years... don't let another person's opinion affect yours. Just as long as YOU like the bag, that's all that matters. :tup:

  9. agree wit john...dun let other pple opinion affect yrs as long as you like it, that's really count...:yes:
  10. I would keep them, and I think that's a great idea :smile: :flowers:
  11. I completely agree, they're your bags and as long as you have the space and aren't strapped for cash you should do as you like. I'm not having kids, but am hoping that my nieces will someday treasure my handbags and accessories as much as I do now.
  12. awwww. thats so cute. def keep them.
  13. I'd keep them...it's a good idea.
  14. Awwww, I would definitely keep them. Unless of course (as pointed out earlier) you need the cash or the space. You can always sell them later, if your daughters-to-be don't like them or don't use them. It's a wonderfully thoughtful thing to do, and I'm sure they'll appreciate it immensely. I know I would have!!
  15. I would keep them too! I am also saving all my LV bags for my princess daughter!!! I AM 100% SURE she will appreciate them when she grows up. So will yours! :smile: