What would you do? "Settle" or Wait?


What would you do?

  1. Buy a 2008 Black Work Now

  2. Wait for a 2005 Black Work (which could be a loooooong time)

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    As some of you may know, I had one of those awful SS 2007 Black Works that faded to a dingy faded greeny black colour. Balenciaga was kind enough to take it back for me but since all they had were 2007 Black works, I didnt want to take a chance and exchanged it for a steel weekender.

    So now I am out of a Black Work and I use to use it ALL the time. Heres my dilema. I fell in total love with a 2005 Black work that I lost in an auction. But I really miss having this bag in my wardrobe since I used it so much. So do I:

    a) "Settle" and buy a SS 2008 Black Work and hope that there are no turning green issues or

    b) Wait and wait and wait for the elusive 2005 Black Work, now one of my HG's, to show up
  2. Wait for the elusive 05 black work... I've learned that settling ends up costing more time and money in the long run, either way wait it out and see how the 08' leather is & have your eye out for the 05 at the same time. G:huh:d luck~! :okay:
  3. I agree with Oogie, sometimes settling is a false economy.
  4. I would say wait because you already went thru all this trouble but personally I wasn't patient enough, lol!
  5. i would totally wait for an 05 work!! the leather is absolutely the softest, supple and thickest. it would totally be worth it once you find one, i've learned not to settle because at the end of it all, you'll still lust for the one you want.
  6. I say wait too.
  7. Wait, because you really want the '05 AND it's been a buyer's market lately.
  8. I would wait for the one that you really want!! Never settle!
  9. WAIT!!!!!!!!!! It will be worth it!!!!!!
  10. wait...if you can!!! (I couldn't though- no patience!)
  11. Yes I say wait too!! You never know, it might pop up sooner than you expect! Anyways, good things come to those who wait!!
  12. I had a similar problem and waited for ages for an 05 to show up. It never did, so I got a new 07 Work a month ago and I love it! If and when a 05 shows up, I'll get it!
  13. If you can't wait, go get the 08! And when 05 shows up, sell the 08 or keep it and start a black B-bag collection:p
  14. Wait.

    I had an 05 black work and it was SPEC-TACULAR.

    Well worth waiting for :tup:
  15. I would wait....settling is never good!!!! What'll end up happening is you'll buy the '08...use it....then an '05 will show up...you'll buy it and sell the '08!