What would you do? Regarding a box...

  1. I feel rather shallow asking this question, but just curious what ya'll would do. Back in April, I bought my PH at LV in Neiman Marcus. They gave me a ripped box and it was too small for the PH -- the SA apologized and said she would mail me a new one when they get them in.

    I called 30 days, 45 days and 60 days later and each time she told me as soon as their boxes arrive, she would send me my box. Never did. Well, it's been 4 months now and I find it hard to believe they didn't get any boxes in.

    Should I call again and ask??? Or let it go...??? It's only a BOX, I know, but I like to keep all my stuff together and my PH is sitting in my closet without a box and it bothers me! :sad:
  2. I would go in person to the store and ask for one. If the SA said she would give you one when they came in, then she should follow through. That is the good customer service that should be expected of LV.
  3. I say, call and ask again gently. Not only were you promised a box, but when you spend that much $$ on a bag, you should get the box too!
  4. It's a matter of principal, she told you that she will send you the box and I think she should fulfill her promise.
  5. I agree, go in person !

    If anyone promises you a box to be sent in the mail, make sure you get their name !
  6. If it bothers you that much, you should go back to the store and pick one up. If anything you could go to another LV and ask for a box? Im sorry you had such a bad experience. :sad:
  7. Thanks for the replies!

    The store is 1100 miles away from me, otherwise I would've been back a long time ago!

    It IS a matter of principle, isn't it...? I'm going to call again. If it doesn't show up for a couple of weeks then I'll call and ask for the store manager next time.

    Thank you all!
  8. Oh, it wasn't a bad experience -- it was a very good experience when I bought the bag!

    I'm probably anal, but I just like "the whole package" and that included the box. :smile:
  9. I wouldn't even talk to the SA. Immediately ask for the store manager and tell them what's going on. It's hard to believe that they haven't had boxes in 4 months.

    This is about principle. You should get your box. So take a deep breath and be prepared to act like a :censor: if you have to. It's your box. It's a part of your LV experience.
  10. Twoharleygal, you've been more than patient and you seem like such a nice girl. That's a good thing. Keep that niceness when you talk to the manager. However if the manager won't give you a box (which I highly doubt), be prepared to pull out the big guns.
  11. ok.... just talked to the store manager. She said they are no longer ordering the hard sided boxes! They are ordering ones that only fold flat. :sad:

    I told her I really wanted that hard sided box, so she is going to place an order in about 2 weeks and will get it and then send me one...

    This may sound really shallow now, but I was planning on ordering quite a bit this fall (luggage!) and was planning to order through this store because one of the SA's was extremely nice to me when I called one time and I just really liked him. I won't have to pay tax on my order because of our different states and the fact that NM is not in Iowa. (My mom is giving me my Christmas money present very early this year to get some LV that I wanted for an upcoming trip!)

    But -- if that's the case with the boxes, I won't order from that store again. I mentioned this to the manager and she said if it was that important to me as a customer, then they would make sure I got hard boxes...

    And then I'll feel like the "problem customer" because I'm asking for something out of the ordinary!

    Guess I'll order my luggage pieces through elux or the 866# then. :shrugs:

    Well -- here's hoping I get a box in 3 weeks! I won't call again. The manager was very nice and all but I felt like a whiner. :P

    I hope elux doesn't start using those flat boxes. ugh!
  12. If she is telling you, they aren't ordering hard boxes, then you need to move on to another store. What store did you go to? Was it a dept strore LV? Maybe we can find another store for you to buy your luggage at (although I doubt you want boxes for your luggage if there is such a thing).
  13. Actually, it's advised that you NOT store your LV bags in their boxes because they need to BREATHE and thus will become "moldy". You should store it in its dustbag to absorb excess moisture, but keep it in an open-aired room. So what do I do with my boxes then? I keep them high up in my closet. I'm running outta space up there so I plan to migrate them into my parents' walk-in closet lol. If you absolutely want a box (which I think is rather useless now, but hey you can sell it on Ebay! lol), go ask for one in person, but bring your receipt with ya, cuz some nasty SAs might just think you want it for selling fakes or something.... As for hard boxes, generally at the LV store near me, smaller bags can fit into the hard ones whereas bigger bags often have the soft foldable ones.
  14. The day I bought my bag, the SA said they only had very large boxes and mentioned they were for the luggage... guess I don't know for sure if luggage comes with a box or not? But, if it does, I sure want the box!

    Along with the luggage, I'm getting the Nice beauty case and (at this time anyway :lol: ) the Damier Chelsea. I'm sure the latter have boxes and I stubbornly want the hard sided ones. :P
  15. You are not alone, I'm like you and want my box.:hysteric: You should not feel bad asking for one. If that makes you uncomfortable you can do like elongreach mentioned and try another boutique.