What would you do? re: Purse sale.....

  1. I sold a purse recently. A friend of a friend bought it. She emailed her friend about it, forwarded the pics, etc. All I did was answer a few questions about the bag. So I gave my friend a price to tell her friend. I told her anywhere from $275 - $300. Well she didn't even give her friend the option - just told her $300. The friend wanted it and paid immediately. I didn't tell the girl how much it would cost to ship - so it was basically included in the sale price I guess. SOOOO - long story short. I wanted to send my friend a little something to thank her for the sale. (We are email friends only, I don't have her physical addy.) I thought maybe send her a small deposit via PP. So I've got an extra $25 to play with. Well shipping cost me $17. So that only leaves $8. I don't want to send her a chinchy $8............what would be a reasonable "fee" to send her since she was the one that basically got the bag sold for me...........:shrugs:
  2. Why not send a small thank you gift instead in the mail? You can always get something small and meaningful for that price.
  3. I agree with Kathyrose...
    or you could just respond in kind (like help her out with something/ do her a favor) and definitely send her a thank-you note so she knows how much you appreciate her. I don't know if a physical gift is necessary...
  4. That is very thoughtful of you!!!:tender: I agree with what the other girls say- send a nice note and I would send a small gift~ maybe a cute keychain or something.
  5. I agree, a thank you note is sufficient enough!....it's not like you made a bundle on the sale. :shrugs:
  6. I think a nice handwritten thank you card should do.
  7. I think the card is a better idea. The money makes it seem like you're paying her off. Ask for her address and send a nice card to her.
  8. Maybe give her a nice note and a small gift like chocolates. I don't like it when my friends give me money. It makes me feel awkward.
  9. I like the chocolates idea. You could also get her a small (around $20) gift certificate she could use online (maybe Victoria's Secret), or for a restaurant.
  10. a starbucks card?
  11. the little ballotin (4 pc) of Godiva chocolates and a handwritten thank you seems very appropriate to me.
  12. That's nice of you. How about getting something cute for her?

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