What would you do re: Offer

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  1. Hi everyone. From time to time I sell my diamond jewelery to fund new projects. I currently have two rings listed now, one for a BIN with offers, and one at auction. The OEC ring is BIN for $1,100 and I just received an offer for $800. While this offer is close to what I want, I am not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling about this buyer. They have a 60 feedback with no action in the last year. When I check bidding activity, no bidding or won items in 30 days. All this makes me very nervous. Diamond rings are like expensive bags and I do not want to get scammed.

    What would you do? The ring is absolutely gorgeous and I certainly do not want to be scammed. Thanks!
  2. You might try messaging the bidder and ask if there's any reason why he/she hasn't had any activity for the past year. While there's not much the person can say that would assure you that it isn't a hacked account, the response might give you a feel for the person. If you do decide to sell, just be sure to get signature confirmation and insure it for the full amount. You might also require that the bidder has a confirmed paypal address (even though they're all covered now).
  3. Thanks Sara for the suggestion regarding contacting them, although they will most likely say what I want to hear. I am always on pins and needles when I sell and ship diamonds.

    What do you think about accepting the offer, but only accepting a postal money order. Do you think that would protect me if anything goes wrong? I am not sure here.

    I am also in Mass, actually on the Tufts Campus, what a coincidence!
  4. I think as long as she pays with Paypal and you insure it for full value, you should be able to relax a bit.
  5. i'm sure some people don't use ebay a lot, i wouldn't be too worried . is their feedback all positive ?
  6. Hmmmm...honestly? I think just because someone doesn't have activity within a year is really none of your business (the OP/seller). I'm sorry, but why does someone who wants to purchase something on that-site-that-shall-not-be-named have to have a certain amount of activity within a year in order to qualify?? It doesn't seem right and those are not their rules.

    Although as a seller, you do have the option of canceling a bid from whomever you want, but I don't seriously see how that would be an issue. Are you afraid that their account was hijacked and being used fraudulently? If that's the case, just simply contact them and confirm that they are the ones using the account, especially if it's an expensive item.

    I purchased a $2500 Cartier LOVE bracelet in February from my OTHER *bay account with only a 25 FB rating, although 100%, I don't use it very often. I strictly use it for buying and selling smaller items aside from my pop art.

    My theory, as long as they pay right away, have excellent communication, then you should be fine. Make sure you do everything on your end to ensure a smooth transaction, such as delivery confirmation, insurance (especially on an expensive jewelry item) and signature required upon delivery.

    Other than that, I think it's a little tough to be choosy in this economy to who purchases your items on that-site-that-shall-not-be-named.

    Just my 2 cents.
  7. ouch!
  8. its a good post though ! some people may not use ebay from one year to the next, really, if the feedback is good, what difference does it make ? it'd be a whole different matter if they had terrible feedback.
    i think there's a lot of over-analysing going on these days which i completely understand considering the horrors we read on here, but these are just a small percentage of transactions.
  9. The potential buyer had no activity for over a year, was purchasing a diamond ring, and asked no questions, but basically offered within $100 of my BIN price (which in my opinion is strange in that most people wait for the counteroffer, at least I know I do). I have dealt with scams before regarding these same issues so I backed off and declined that listing. Funny thing is I received an email from E*ay this morning when I awoke stating to not complete the transaction with this buyer and that they could not disclose the reason why. I suspect that the "real" user of this name got the email with my offer decline and contacted E*ay regarding it.

    As to an update to this, I received another offer for this ring, but only after the potential buyer contacted me with specific questions, which I believe makes sense in purchasing a diamond ring. This seller has a low feedback score too, but the transaction seems real as there was numerous emails in reference to specific questions about the ring and the stone, whereas the other potential buyer asked no questions. I accepted the offer and the payment has already been made. Hopefully instinct is right!