What would you do? RE broken zip pull

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  1. :crybaby:

    So I got the MbMJ Softy tote + Softy clutch in black for my bday from my SO, less than two weeks after the zip pull broke off of my clutch and about a week after that I was finally able to take it to Saks to see if I could just get a replacement because by no means should this have happened 2 weeks after a purchase. The lady basically said we have to send it to get repaired (which I didn't want to do because the principle of the matter was that I had JUST gotten it) or it's tough luck.

    So I ended up saying I didn't want to send it out because it was brand new and she even mentioned she had others. She ended up giving me a PAPER CLIP to open/close it with because there was nothing she could do. Basically I was livid and left very very upset and she told me there was nothing Saks could do for me besides ship it out for 2 months to MJ to get a ****ing pull tab. I work at Coach as a manager and it's ridiculous for a company to not stand behind the product they sell you know? Anything under 30 days is replaced in store no questions asked if there is a defect and I feel some companies just don't care.

    What would you do? I'm basically pretty upset at Saks still and would like to avoid it there (I've never had good service in the handbag dept, they are snots to me and it's really upsetting - now only if the shoe dept could help..). I was considering calling my SA in boston to see if he could help me out, all I seriously need it a pull tab and pliers to shut it better, y'know?
  2. that's awful! I can't believe saks would do that... I would call and ask for the mgr of the handbag dept and see what she says. Dont' forget to mention the awful service, make that your biggest peeve. A paperclip!?? Is this the BH store(judging by your sprinkles avatar)? they really are a bunch of snots... You may need to send the bag out though... if that's the only way it will get fixed! I hope it doesn't take long, if you do send it, get the number of the place they are sending it for repairs.
  3. Sprinkles--I'm so sorry this happened to you! How frustrating is that?? A paperclip?! WTH??
    Unfortunately, I think you'll have to send it in to get repaired. I know a lot of other girls have had this problem and repairs do take awhile. I recently had to send my zip bowler in for repairs to an MJ boutique, but I got it back in less than 1 1/2 weeks!
    Good luck, and I agree with thithi that you should definitely complain to management about the paperclip!! How awful!!
  4. that is ridiculous!! I agree w the other ladies, talk to the manager, if tat doesn't work, talk to the GM of the saks store. take it as high up the chain as u can get. u should be able to return it or have them replace it esp if u still have the receipt. actually, i'd call the MJ office as well and let them know coss it is their bag and zippers shld not fall off unless it's made out of icing sugar....

    I hope things work out!
  5. I agree with the other ladies. That's just ridiculous! You should've received a replacement -- clear and simple. Let us know what happens and good luck!
  6. i don't think they can "stop" you from returning it - then just re-buy. i agree that SAs there are generally very hit & miss...i finally found one i love, and i feel like i have to go in all the time to buy bags from her so that i don't lose her! before that, it was a nightmare!

    i would just go down to their customer service office...i've had better luck there...and return the damaged item & have them sell you the new one.

    HTH....i'm really sorry they're being such a PIA to you :sad: next time, go to neiman!
  7. hmmmm retrun in and get a new one

    or go to a MJ boutique, maybe they'll stand behind the product?
  8. yes, you should definitely be able to return it. i would be surprised if management responded similarly!
  9. Is this is the BH store I had the same ridiculous service with one of my Chanel bags they sent it off for repair and it came back worst...They were awful I said F#ck it and give me my money back. I made a big scene and I don't care because they are a bunch of snobs there. I would ask for a manager and demand a refund.