What would you do?? (Poll)

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What would you do?

  1. Buy pink graffitti speedy

  2. Buy roses neverfull

  3. Buy pink graffiti neverfull

  4. Buy some graffiti accessories like the zippy but don't get a bag

  5. Buy nothing more from sprouse & wait for fall collection

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    In brief....

    I am a mom of small boys under 5 years old. I also work full time and wear the occassional black powersuit. I have gone a little crazy in January buying leopard scarves, new vernis pieces, and sprouse stuff, so I am going to put myself on a major ban after the graffiti launch.

    Now here is my question. Seeing what I have already purchased this year(listed in signature), what would you do next? I was going to get a pink graffiti speedy, but I am concerned that it might look weird since I am older than 35 :rolleyes:. I have also been lusting after the roses neverfull - which is weird b/c I haven't been a neverfull gal until now. I have also seen some of the new fall 09 bags in a thread here and have been lusting over a new mono bag for fall.

    What would you do?
  2. You have a ton of the roses collection, and I'm not too fond of the grafitti (sorry to all who love it). But I think you should wait for the fall collection =)
  3. rose neverful:heart::heart:
  4. I'd get the Graffiti Speedy ... if you decide you don't like it somewhere down the line, you could always sell it to help fund a bag from the fall collection.
  5. I preffer the roses NF than graffiti, I don't like graffiti a lot
  6. Rose NF!!! I'm a Mon of two little ones and work full time..... Love mine so much! And I'm thinking about rose speedy......;)
  7. Rose NF gets my vote! I haven't been a Neverfull fan, but after trying it on at the boutique, I was in love:heart:. I love the comfy straps, great MM size, and easy access without sacrificing glamour. Love my Roses NF and I have no regrets buying it.
  8. Buy nothing more from sprouse & wait for fall collection
  9. I voted for the Roses NF!
  10. I'm not a big fan of Graffiti, but if it makes your heart sings, then go for it.
  11. go for the rose neverful. I would if I could afford it
  12. I LVOE the fall/winter collection i've seen so far from here, so I say wait and get one from that collection.
  13. Get what you REALLY want and will use years from now. NEVER let age stop you...unless you plan on wearing a tube top & booty shorts or something!
  14. I just wish that the roses & graffiti weren't limited. I know that I can wait a little to make a decision, but after a few more months everything will be gone.
  15. :roflmfao: