What would you do? Please help- Chanel 2005 Reissue

I have the opportunity to decide between 2 pre loved 2005 Chanel Anniversary Reissues in the size 227 (Black lambskin, gold hardware). Both are about the same great condition- hardly look used at all. I got them both authenticated recently.

One of them looks slightly more mint- the cost is $4229 with return option available

One of them looks slightly more worn- cost $4000 with no return option.

Which would you choose? Also, am I allowed to post links to auctions in this forum? (I'm not affiliated to either auction)

Also, how much are 227 Reissues GHW currently retailing for? I'm wondering how much of a bargain the 2 above auctions are.

Thank you so much in advance for easing my anxiety! :faint:
May 11, 2007
227 Reissues are $5200+tax so both are good deals. I would pay the extra cost to get the one in better condition. When you are spending that much money you should get one in good condition and it is nice you have the return option if you do not like it.



May 3, 2008
Manhattan, New York
you're getting ~1k off the retail price of $5300. however, $4.2k is still a large amount for a used bag. in this case, i would probably pay retail, and purchase a brand new reissue. you'll get a new item that hasn't been used for what could be 8 years, and you'll have 100% piece of mind in terms of authenticity.

now if it were virgin "vintage," and unused by the previous owner, i could consider buying the anniversary bag as a collectors piece. however, it doesn't sound like that was the case here.