What Would You Do? Need to Make a Decision...

  1. Alrighty...so I'm coming down to having to make some choices in what might be one of my last bag purchases for a month or so :crybaby: Keeping in mind what I've bought recently (way too much LOL) and that I probably have another sweet '05 bag on the way...

    This is my dilemma:

    juane twiggy: gorgeous color. Perfect for this fall's color palette. I think it's versatile enough to wear year round. I can buy it from AR and use the 3% off thing. It'll look smoking hot with some of my grey clothes this fall! But also look hot with jeans.

    black city: I can buy it any season at any time. save it for later??

    vert gazon twiggy: If I can find it. Kind of regretting not buying it a couple weeks ago. Might have trouble 'matching' it to anything?

    a blue twiggy (ocean/marine): I have sky blue twiggy and aqua city. So maybe I have enough blues...and they are usually pretty easy to find later on...whereas these other colors might not pop up! Plus...electric blue is coming...so maybe I should hold out for that.

    an older '05 twiggy: I'm on the prowl for a couple older bags.....problem is it might be months before they show up...and I have the spare $$ now (plus more coming in a couple weeks)....

    help me out gals...what would you do?????
  2. N i would hold off on the black city because you really can get that anytime you want
    also you have two gorgeous blues already and with the S/S electric coming up you will probably just get that one
    VG is gorgeous but i had my reservations about the 'wearability' of that color but it is beautiful
    basically i would go for Jaune-- you will probably end up kicking yourself if you don't snag one when you can and i imagine it will only be more and more difficult to find as the days/weeks go on. and as you said it will go really well with your wardrobe. HAHA is that answer long enough for ya?
  3. LOL Marie! Thanks.....I didn't even consider juane until I started seeing all these fabulous photos!!!
  4. And BTW...your signature is driving me crazy....I keep drooling every time I see it LOL
  5. haha sorry i don't mean to tortue you! :p
    and i know what you mean about jaune--i had written off the color when the swatches came out and now seeing everyone's gorgeous bags i'm thinking it is such a fabulous color and wondering if it would be something i can pull off
  6. ^^^exactly!!!! Didn't do anything for me on the swatches either!!! And now...seeing Becca's modelling pics...I think it can be pulled off with basic jeans & black top...or even greys...the muted turquoises that are 'in' this fall, etc.!
  7. i would go for the jaune and then save aside some of the money you will have in a couple weeks for the elusive 2005 bags you are searching for. that way you get one now and still will have the reserve funds for the 05 bags
  8. Jaune, it's gorgeous and actually pretty wearable!
  9. Jaune, Twiggs! JAUNE! You're right, the color is going to look hothothot with gray and your winter clothes! It'll be hard to find, IMO after the season, so get it while it's hot, girl!
  10. I pick Jaune too!
  11. Jaune!
  12. Jaune all the way! It is one of those colors that looks amazing with almost any outfit and elevates it to a whole 'nother level. I was skeptical about the color of my work at first, but once I started carrying it I fell in love with it so much I want a day bag in it too (alas - I cannot find one with rh!).
  13. Since there a lot 05 bags popping up on eBay right now, I vote to hold out for one of those. Since the farther we get from that production year the harder the bags will be to find in great condition.
  14. Jaune's the one...Its modern, its different and its a fresh look...We've had blue for ages and you will look just fabulous darling with your jeans and your smokin' hot bag...:queen:
  15. I vote Vert Gazon. I so love my VG, and I tend to wear blues and greens anyways. I get so many compliments on it, and I have worn mine to death.