What would you do? Keep or Sell?


Keep or sell 226 reissue?

  1. Keep both the 226 and 228 reissues

  2. Sell the 226 reissue

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  1. Ladies - I need some opinions. A few weeks back, I posted about getting a black anniversary reissue 226 when I thought it was a 227. I was initially disappointed and thought I'd return it. In the end, I kept it because it a gorgeous bag and a limited edition.

    Then I found my dream bag (yeah, another one!) an anniversary reissue 228!:yahoo:It should arrive today.

    So I'm torn .. do I keep both? sell the 226? :confused1:

    I literally go to sleep thinking, "yup, selling the 226" and wake up thinking, "no, I'm keeping it!" I'd use them differently -- the 228 is an everyday bag and the 226 is evening/light days. Practically speaking I could use the funds to buy more vintage Chanel (I know, I know .. indulge me, please).

  2. are they the same color??
  3. Yeah what colour? Either way I say keep both!! The 226 is versatile;day or night,and the 228 is a great statement day bag!! Piccies please?:wlae:
  4. oh good point, Lola. Both bags are black. No difference other than size.
  5. Uh, that's a tough one, the sizes are totally different but it may be worth getting a different color in one of them.......if they are the identical bag hardware, color, everything personally I would only keep one and try to get another in a different color, sometimes it bugs me that I have so many black or brown bags even though they are totally different or plain vs. logo'd etc....
  6. You captured my thoughts beautiful! Other than size, they are identical yet to me they're different bags because they serve different purposes ...:confused1:

  7. If you can keep them, why not keep them? You might use them for different use/occasion. The 228, for me, is more the everyday size. I use the smaller size for evenings...
  8. they will totally serve different purposes and even look different but at the same time I think I would want something to be different like gold hardware vs. silver........ If it's not a stretch to keep both and still be able to get another bag in a different color when you want then keep them. I've found that the PST works really well for me, I have one in white and am now going to get one in dark brown, it's kind of the same situation.... your's is size mine is color....but having two of the same bag for the most part....
  9. Wow! You're super lucky to have found both! I'm green with envy! I say keep it if you feel you can use them for different purposes. Unless you'd rather have vintage chanels over the 226, I wouldn't sell the 226.

    But if you did sell the 226 - I'm sure it'd be quite easy!
  10. i like reissues or classic flap. 228 is day bag. 226 is also day bag for me as well as night too. i have two 226 with different hardware, one gold one silver. and keeping both. iam no help here, am i?? i will say, keep both. or maybe exchange the 226 with different color/material??
  11. Oh, if it's the same bag, I change my vote. If they were different colors, I'd say keep them but as it is, I'd sell the 226 and then purchase something else. I love flaps, but I wouldn't own the same bag in the same color, just a different size. That just defeats the purpose to me.
  12. I would sell one because they are exactly the same except for size...
  13. I would sell......
  14. I wouldn't rush to sell an anniversary edition bag. If you can keep them both, I would because they each have their own use, but more so they're the anniversary editions. Will they be worth more in the future? Yeah you can get another reissue but it won't be the 2005. This is the "fence sitter" component of a Libra speaking. Take your time deciding.
  15. Sell for different color and/or different hardware.