What would you do? Is she being too picky?

Keep bag - or return?

  • Its a great deal - Keep it?

  • Seller should have disclosed flaws and not 98%new?

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Jul 10, 2007
I was asked to give my opinion on the Chanel jumbo my friend purchased off ebay and figured I'd ask you all as get your thoughts too.

She bought a cavair jumbo suppose to be 98% new, 2800.00.
She asked me to comment on somethings the seller didn't tell her - the fact that the turn lock closures has scratches, the flap has wrinkles on the top area from being open, the leather has soften and one of the corner show a rub.
On a plus side the bag is not out of shape, still square not bulging from being overstuffed, the hardware on the chain is real nice and perhaps a good deal considering what the new jumbo's are going for.

What are your thoughts on the situation?


May 29, 2006
I'm guessing seller's 98% is not your 98% - the seller's version of it may be "at an overall look, it's pretty great".

Putting numbers to things is very subjective. If your friend is not pleased with it, just return it...or KEEP and let the seller know that a few details weren't mentioned. I don't know if IF you ask for a partial refund that you would get it...or you guys might.


Jun 1, 2009
Even a detailed description of a flaw cannot beat a picture of it. It's really up to your friend. If the flaws bother her that much then she should return it. If she got it for a good deal then I might reconsider keeping it. It's up to her.


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Dec 6, 2006
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Seller should have definitely included the flaws, cause "percentages" are always very relative. However, your friend got a good price for it so if the flaws don't bother her that much I would keep it!


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Sep 10, 2010
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As a buyer and seller, it doesn't matter to me if an item is $0.01 or $1000.00+, any condition issues should be disclosed (both photos and description) by the seller no matter how minor. If anything, the seller should make the item's condition out to be slightly worse than actual to prevent any surprises to the buyer and a potential SNAD.

I agree that it is up to the buyer to either accept the less than adequately described item upon receipt or to immediate contact the seller. Sometimes, the seller will accept a return without the buyer having to file an official SNAD if they are courteously contacted with a great description of the condition.
Jul 10, 2007
it doesn't matter to me if an item is $0.01 or $1000.00+, any condition issues should be disclosed (both photos and description) by the seller no matter how minor.
Well put Moon2020

I do that as a seller so when I saw her bag and that nothing was mentioned of the flaws it didn't sit well, we'll see what she decides to do.


Dec 28, 2007

He doesn't have a very good description of the bag - possibly just an unfamiliarity with Chanel - but he does show a close up of the turn lock + someone asks about the scratches in the questions; he does also show a picture of the corner rubbing, though not a good one - it kind of looks like a flash reflection. I don't like that he says, "no condition issues."

If the issues are worse than what's depicted in the photos, or your friend feels like the seller was misleading, you could ask for a return. But your friend might also want to consider buying from the boutique if she's looking for a perfect bag.
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Mar 23, 2006
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As a buyer and seller, it doesn't matter to me if an item is $0.01 or $1000.00+, any condition issues should be disclosed (both photos and description) by the seller no matter how minor.


There's no way a bag with at least four issues (most of them from use) should be described as 98% new - unless all of those issues were due to it, previously, having been a display model* and all of them were detailed, in full, in the description.

Whether I would keep it, or return it, would depend on whether I felt I could live with the issues, or not and if I did decide I could, whether I would request a partial refund, or not, would depend on whether I had paid the fair market value for a bag in that ones actual condition, or not.

* In which case, that should have been mentioned; or suggested as a possibility, if not known.


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Feb 25, 2007
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As a seller who has had my share of PITA buyers, my opinion is going to vary slightly from some of those expressed.

I completely agree that all areas of a used bag should be accurately photographed and described. The listing does show indications of use although those indications aren't described. (Seller's bad, agreed.)

That said, the buyer is shopping on ebay and buying a USED bag! The seller isn't in the bag-selling business and is describing the bag as best she can. (Understand that I agree that the description is definitely lacking in details but unless a seller is a seasoned seller, they don't know what details are needed!)

There's an ASQ at the bottom of the listing that states that the bag was purchased in June, 2007. For a 3.5 year old bag, it's condition (IMO) is pretty darned good.

There's another ASQ indicating scuffs.

IMO, if a buyer isn't going to be happy with a slightly used bag for substantial savings (and authentic too!), that buyer should be buying from B&M stores!


Oct 11, 2009
The description is really unclear and has some weird typos and the seller doesn't seem to know much about bags, "06-07" isn't really much an "older model" but that's what its called in the questions and answers. So a buyer who is picky shouldn't have bid without first finding out more about the bag. But now that they have it maybe they should figure out if they got a deal or not and leave it at that. If $2800.00 is the going rate for that bag in that condition then keep it and be happy with finding a good price, if not then file SNAD if the flaws are worse than in the listing which it seems they might be. It's hard to tell without pictures of the problems.