What would you do in this situation? Longish..

  1. Almost 2 months ago I sold a pair of new shoes and it clearly stated in my auction that I do not take returns due to the cost involved, etc. The buyer asked before buying if they did not fit could she return them, I recommended that she either find a pair to try on in a dept store first &/or if she had any doubts then not to bid.
    Anyhow the shoes were too big for the buyer and basically she insisted on returning them for a refund. So I said fine as long as she paid for the return shipping and the original shipping fee of $8 would not be refunded (they actually cost more than that to ship). Also it was the second time I had listed the shoes so I asked that she cover the listing fee. She agreed, said that was fine and that she completely understood. I received the shoes and refunded her money less shipping & the listing fee. She then sent me an email complaining that it had cost her so much for the shipping and would I help cover the return shipping? By now she was really getting on my nerves, so I told her that I would waive the listing fee, but I could not be held responsible for the shipping. So then I refunded the listing fee and was honestly glad to finally be rid of her and her long whining emails.
    She left positive feedback for me, but as the experience was far from positive for me I just decided to not even bother leaving feedback at all. A month went by and I received an email asking me to leave feedback for her. I ignored it and didn't think another thing about it.
    Anyhow so tonight I got this email:

    This is ********* writing again to let you know that I will retract my feedback if you dont leave me a feedback. I think it is fair to respond the same way as you were approached, in this case, nicely since I left you a positive feedback. I think it is only fair to do the same.

    Why she can't move on I've no idea she has a feedback score of 18 with 2 negs and has been on eBay since 2000!! It's not like it's going to change her life or anything, I honestly believe she may be disturbed.

    So should I just ignore her or leave feedback?:hrmm:
    Any suggestions, opinions welcome..
  2. wow, is she petty or what?

    if you don't feel it necessary to leave feedback, then don't. if anything, give her an explanation as to why you don't want to leave feedback.

    personally, I wouldn't be bothered if my buyer retracted positive feedback.
  3. I would like to tell her where she can shove her feedback!
  4. Leave her a neg. *evil laugh* I mean I think she deserves it, it clearly states in your listing no returns, yet she insisted and then had the cheek to ask for a shipping refund.
  5. Let her retract her feedback. Or you could email her and explain that no refunds, meant just that no refunds; and any feedback you would leave woud be netural or negative. Ask if she wants that.
  6. I'm sorry you get this trouble, Westiegirl... Frankly, you already so nice, let her return while you've stated clearly NO return if the shoes don't fit. It's her mistake if she kept bidding while NOT sure. Beside it, you entitle want to leave feedback or not, she can't threaten you to do it ( don't let her treat you like that ).

    I also not sure how to retract feedback and never heard if we can retract positive feedback, she sounding want to threaten you then do with wrong method :lol: poor woman
  7. Feedback cannot be retracted without an act of God, this case eBay! She could leave a 'sub' note on yours if you send her any. If you ignore her there is absolutely nothing she can do. If you leave some for her, she can leave a come back. My advice? Forget her! :yes:
  8. Yeah, I think it's pretty hard to retract feedback on eBay. Give her a neutral if she wants her feedback so badly.

    BTW, she probably just learned that feedback matters and wants good feedback - but you'd be misleading future sellers if she's a real PITA. She got those 2 negs (unusual!) somehow.
  9. I certainly wouldn't leave feedback for her. She is, after all, effectively trying to blackmail you (albeit with an ill-informed threat!). Whether to leave negative or neutral feedback? Hmm, don't think I would but there is a little bit of me that thinks she ought to be flagged up to the rest of Ebay for 'demanding' feedback as she has i.e. bullying.
  10. You could leave:

    "Buyer PITA - beware!"

    Then email her "There is your feedback :smile: Have a lovely day!"

  11. I would tell her that my policy is such that if I can't say anything nice, then I don't say anything at all, and leave it at that:supacool: .
  12. Yuck! What an annoying buyer :yucky: I agree, maybe contact her and tell her *why* you hadn't left her feedback; it's not that you were just forgetting about her, but you couldn't in good conscience leave a positive after the hassle she put you through! You were so nice about it, she should be counting her lucky stars :yes:
  13. Thank you all for your excellent advice, I sincerely appreciate all of it. I really did go out of my way to be friendly and kept in constant contact with her throughout the whole ordeal.
    I honestly believe if I leave a negative I will probably never hear the end of it fom her (I've already blocked her from bidding on my items). I am, however, going to send her an email explaining that leaving feedback is a matter of personal choice and I choose not to leave it. If she would like to retract her feedback (even though I know it's not possible) then that's fine by me and her choice.
    I just find it mind boggling that someone would go to such great lengths over nothing. She needs to get a life or a hobby or something...
    Thank you everyone!!!
  14. Your buyer doesn't sound very reasonable. I would say that you are not compelled to leave her postive feedback, as you were already nice enough to not leave negative or neutral feedback (as many people would have in this situation).
  15. I would just email her and tell her the transaction was anything but positive. And if you were going to leave one it would be a negative. And that you were being nice by not leaving a feedback at all. I personally bought a pair of shoes and they were to big too. But I understood that the seller did not accept returns. So I sucked it up and figured out a way to make it fit.