What would you do in NYC?

  1. Because of my job I will be spending 4 days in NYC next month. However, not in a row. My hotel is right near Broadway and 42nd. On each of these 4 days I will have from 12 noon till midnight to do whatever. I really want to see some Fashion landmarks, icons anything fashion related. I already have ideas in mind but would love to know what you ladies would do or suggest. Because I know you ladies will have ideas I havn't even thought of.

    I'd like to spend one afternoon in Greenwich village - any ideas? What department store would you hit? I have done Macy's so I was thinking Bergdorf Goodman?? Is there a Fashion Museum there? Any favorite vintage shops??

    I am really into Marilyn Monroe, historical fashion of the 20th century and handbags of course. :love:
  2. Bring sneakers and WALK the streets of SoHo and Nolita. The streets are FILLED with high end designers, national retailers, and tons of boutique shops. A fashionista MUST. Have fun
  3. i miss ny so much. (moved to california over the summer) i'd walk down west broadway in soho and go west on bleeker street. great stores all in that area. central park is also very pretty this time of year! washington square park is great for people watching (near nyu's campus) and there is tons of great food in that area. i really like the downtown bloomingdales on broadway too.
  4. walk down lexington avenue, thats where the famous subway grate scene from the seven year itch was filmed.
  5. -Get Magnolia cupcakes and go to the Marc by Marc store (on the same street)
    -Visit Saks (and the new zipcode of shoes)
    -Go to your favorite boutiques
    -Walk around central park
    -Nobu Next Door doesn't require reservations like the original Nobu
    -Jeckyll and Hyde is fun to visit if you've never been there

    There is really sooooo much to do.
  6. I agree with the Central Park suggestion.

    I would also recommend taking in a Broadway show, even if its just a matinee. Broadway shows are like magic IMO (even the bad ones)!

    SHOPPING! I love the Macys downtown. I don't know why, I just do. Greenwich Village, CHelsea and 5th Ave are fun.

    Chelsea Market is a great place to eat. Tons of good food (reasonably priced), and if you like cupcakes you have to go to Eleni's!

    I also recommend checking out a museum or two if you have the time. The MET and Museum of Natural History are both spectacular!
  7. I like Purly's suggestions - here's what I have to add:
    - Grimaldi's for pizza (Brooklyn, right after the bridge), take the subway there and walk back (preferably at night). The city lights are beautiful!
    - Gramercy Tavern - make a reservation 21 days in advance, it'll totally change the way you see/taste food
    - I also like visiting the discount stores like Filene's basement & Century 21 for cheap finds
    - You NEED to visit Saks, Bergdorfs, Barneys, and Bloomingdales - WOW!
  8. Seek out the naked Cowboy.. he is a hoot! :shame:
  9. Check out a Broadway show if you can since you'll be in the middle of Times Square and the Theatre District...Les Miserables is really good (well, I liked it). As for shopping, you can always go to Barney's and Bloomingdale's. For Museums: The Met is fantastic or you can whiz through the Guggenheim in about 2 hours if you want to. FYI, there's a Richard Prince exhibit at the Guggenheim right now (if you go to the LV forum, you can see one of the bags he designed for LV - the bag with the jokes). As for a fashion museum, check out FIT http://www.fitnyc.edu/aspx/Content.aspx?menu=FutureGlobal:Museum. The luxury exhibit is interesting, it displays some droolworthy handbags (vintage Hermes kelly) and fashion from different decades..I think it'll totally be up your alley. Have fun!
  10. walk through central park and visit the zoo, shop at bloomingdales, barneys and the meatpacking district, and grab a burger at burger heaven near saks, they do yummy burgers!
  11. If you want easy access high fashion, Saks Fifth Avenue is always a must. I love the Super Brands bit at the very top (like a designer high street indoors!)

    Also, East Village is cool for vintage/ retro stuff and weird and wonderful designers.

    For shopping, Soho is my favourite, Prince Street is pretty good place to be...
  12. I love to go to the Kieselstein store- such a guilty pleasure. Make sure you hit up Bergedorfs and Bendels! After all the shopping, go to Ellis Island! It is such a moving experience! My grandparent's and father's names are on the wall!
  13. For sure take your best comfy sneakers. I was there for one day...my hubby and I were on vacation and stopped by NY. Stores Galore..if your hotel is at Broadway and 42 your in the meat of Times Square...There is an H&M not far from there...(can't remember right now). Century 21 is a good place to go. Don't be tempted by the fakes on every corner. When I visited NY in 03 ..I had to laugh when I saw them set up the bag factory, sell a few and then hit the road....talk about a handbag hit and run store.:roflmfao: Hope you have fun...and SHOP TIL YOU DROP!!!....:yahoo:

    Oh yeah....Carnegie Deli....great food, great cheesecake....and don't worry about the calories. You can walk it off checking out the stores:wlae:
  14. The Costume Institute at the Met is a fashion "museum."

    Lots of vintage stores around 13th St by NYU, somewhere around there.

    Have fun!
  15. Whenever I get the chance to go to NYC I make sure to bring my favorite bag and my best flats for walking and I just walk and walk...everywhere and take it all in!

    I love NY and I love getting lost there (during the day and with people of course! lol) but it is so fantastic there that it is so much fun to see things that not all of the tourists see too!

    HAVE FUN!!!!!