What Would You Do If..........

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    So, I would love your advice/input on this :

    As some of you may know, I've had my heart set on a 35 Gold Birkin for a while now. Well, last week another friend of mine who is also on the prowl for one, told me that another friend of ours is also interested in buying one! I should also add that a good friend also has one as well. So now we're looking at potentially FOUR ladies with the exact same bag!!:shrugs: We spend lots of time together, so this is my dilemma. If you ladies found out your friends were going to buy the exact same bag, would you still want it or would you get it in another color?? Is is so jr. high school?? Maybe I shouldn't care, but I guess I do.......:shrugs:

    Also, if I were to get a neutral "color" what do you guys think is the most nuetral of all the "colors"??:confused1:

    Thank in advance for all your help!!
  2. No worries if your friends have the same bag. You will carry this bag for a long, long time so you'd better get what your heart desires. And gold is a wonderful colour. So get that.
  3. I'd go for etoupe or black. I can't imagine going shopping with my girlfriends and all of us have the same bag.
  4. Just for my personal taste, I try not to be matchy matchy with a group that I frequently go out with. There are so many colours available, that I would chose another neutral. Etoupe, Cafe and Black are all lovely and timeless.
    Now if the people in question aren't "friends for life" then I would just get whatever color I wanted the most.

    I remember a few years ago when I carried LV more often, I went out to dinner with a group of 6 friends and we all had LV monogram canvas bags (different styles). It was a running joke to the waiters and valets that most of the ladies in the group didn't appreciate.
  5. Well - they are *saying* they're going to buy the same bag. They may - they may not. The bottom line is: if you want gold, go for the gold! I personally would NEVER sacrifice my dream bag colour, just because it happens to be a dream shared by my friends. Keep in mind: they may never actually go and get a gold bag.

    Having said that, I think there are many wonderful neutrals out there. I prefer etoupe, but I also LOVE vert olive, graphite and raisin - all of which I consider neutral colours (and black, vache natural, ebene... the list really goes on!).

    I have at least 3 dream bag colours at any given moment!
  6. I would get my favorite color combo .... let someone else make the sacrifice! :p

    Seriously though, I just think it is a shame to forego what you love.
  7. buy what YOU want. Its a classic bag like a black cashmere twinset or pearls................its not a fuschia GUCCI or something flashy and distinctly unique
  8. I'd get what I love.

    It's natural for friends who hang out together to influence each other and have tastes that rub off on each other. Moreover, Gold IS a good versatile, pretty, neutral colour so it's easy to fall in love with it!
    It doesn't matter if the Bag is the same, as long as you are different.

    However, if it does really bother you too much, I'd suggest getting another colour first, so that when your friend(s) are carrying the same Gold colour, you'd still find your Birkin special.
    Then when your original, desired "Gold Birkin" does arrive, you can carry it when you are not hanging out with this group of friends, or when they are not carrying theirs.

    How about Etoupe? I've been wanting one for a while too....
  9. If this is your grail. You really shouldnt change it. If they are really good friends, maybe they will change what THEY will get?
  10. Ladies, thank you all for your input!!! I also forgot to mention that as of now, I can only have ONE Birkin. So, this makes things even more complicated. If I could have two, I wouldn't care as much......
  11. I would get the color that I love since it will be my only one. I am sure your friends wouldn't mind. The gold birkin is not that hard to find for you and all your friends. :smile: Good luck. :flowers:
  12. If you are the first one in your group to find a gold Birkin, I see no reason to pass it up. If one of your friends gets it first,then you can decide if you still want gold.
  13. There is a chance the leather will be different for each Gold Birkin...making the shade slightly different...:flowers:
  14. It would be so cute to all carry the same bag out...
    as long as your good friends IMO.

    No one should change their minds on their dream bag..neither should you.

    Looking forward to seeing what you get.
  15. I think you should pursue the colour and leather combo you want, even if your friends get the same or similar bags. You won't always be wearing them at the same time, but you will own the bag for a long time - and you should go with what really sings to you.