What would you do if

  1. someone told you your bag was fake. Made a remark that you were carrying a fake bag. Or told you that you are selling a fake bag when you know that your bag is authentic.

    what would you do?
  2. That did happen to me once. I was carrying a Jimmy Choo Tulita bag that I got at the UK store. It was a color that was not released in the states. A young SA at the Jimmy Choo store at South Coast Plaza said she had never seen that color and thought it was a fake. The more experienced SA almost killed her, he apologized to me....but it was a very strange moment.
  3. I might want to punch them, but I would collect myself and explain in two sentences or less that they were mistaken.
  4. I've had that happen a couple times. It was just a group of immature, shallow, self-professed know-it-alls who pretty much followed me around "whispering" loudly to eachother that my bag was fake. Petty and childish! I just kept walking, b/c honestly I'm too classy to be dragged into their stupid drama! One time a girl did it, I saw her that same evening as she happened to be friends with friends of mine. I sat beside her, I guess I made her feel uncomfortable b/c she immediatley got up and left. I see her from time to time and she still won't look me in the face. LOL! I don't care, I don't want to be friends or acquaintances with those kinds of people anwyays!
  5. They're obviously ignorant and I won't even waste my breath. I'll probably just laugh. Now if an SA said it, then I'll ask for the manager immediately, prove my bag isn't fake and demand for an apology. I know it's a bit dramatic but SA's should know better.
  6. I guess it hasn't happened to me yet but if it was to happen, I will get into their faces and start screaming at them.. I am just kidding.. but basically, I will ignore and if I did know anyone who knew that person, will make sure that others know about the stupid comment that was made..
  7. I'm trying to work on some witty and cutting comebacks in case someone pulls that on me. If it's coming from an SA, then I'll talk to the manager and write a letter to coroporate.
  8. It's never happen to me....maybe because of my age:huh:? Anyway, I'd probably laugh and (just out of fun and curiousity) ask them what makes them think my bag is fake?...explain in detail? I think they'd eventually realize it's not fake! :blink: duuh...I guess it is real?!
  9. this has never happened to me... but i would probably just say, "yeah is fake - but its god damn beautiful" and walk away... if i didnt walk away i'll probably beat them to death with my bag! HA HA! totally agree ppl are jealous or ignorant!
  10. walking away is good, helen. dont beat them with the bag! the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC bag doesn't deserve it. :lol:
  11. someone told you your bag was fake. Made a remark that you were carrying a fake bag.I'd laugh at them with a funny look and ask where that got that idea. Wait for their comment and address it.

  12. hmmm, hasn't happened yet. I don't really know what I'd do. I don't think I would get upset or argue, just because strangers' opinions don't mean anything to me. I'd probably do what I do with people who tell me that smoking is unhealthy - I thank them effusively and ask how they came by that highly secreted information!! :lol:
  13. tell them they are pathetic and poor and to get an ffing clue about quality things
  14. If it was a spiteful comment, I'd probably just ignore it, roll my eyes or something. It's obviously no idea wasting any energy on a person who would be rude enough to say something like that.

    If it was an honest question, someone who really wanted to know, I guess I would explain that it was real and maybe point out some caracteristic details to prove it.

    If it was an SA, they really should know better and I might consider a) explain VERY carefully that it was real AND show every tiny detail to prove it AND ask for an apology, or b) talk to the manager, if I found the SA totally ignorant or rude, not willing to accept their mistake.

    Gah, what an awful thought - luckily, it has never happened to me...
  15. As annoying as it may be, I would walk away. I hate confrontation.