What would you do if...

  1. I am wondering what would you ladies do if you are tring to locate a very hard-to-get bag. Do you stick with SAs that you are familiar with, or just call around and ask as many SAs as you can to help you track it down? I kinda feel betraying my fav SAs by doing the latter, but sometimes the chance of finding a bag can be soo slim:crybaby:
  2. I called around to other SAs and still didn't have any luck. I'd have my regular SA looking for it, but I'd call on my own as well.
  3. I think in this case it will be what ever benefits you best.
  4. I'd call around if I were you, to increase the chance that you will locate the bag that you want... :yes:
  5. Definately call around. Give your SA first shot, but if not..... Part of the problem with locating rare bags is if a store has a hot bag they don't want to transfer it to another SA unless they have something to trade. So if you call direct I think you have a better chance. The SA can't expect you to be 100% because NM, Nordstroms, Chanel, etc. All order different stock!

    Post what you are looking for and maybe a PF has seen one!

    Good Luck!
  6. Definitely call around.
  7. I agree. Call around. SA's have to understand, they are limited to their stock what they can sell. If you really want something youshouldn't risk not getting it just b/c your SA can't get the bag. They will understand.
  8. What I do is stick with one SA per dept store. SO I have one at Nordy's, one at Saks, one at Neimans. So I am loyal to the SA within thatchain of store but for some reason, they didn't get it, I still have others I can call to try to find it.
  9. Definitely, definitely call around. When I first decided I wanted the baby cabas in black leather, I asked my personal shopper at Saks to track one down for me. She said it was impossible to get one and didn't even bother putting my name on the waiting list. The very next day I sat down and called a bunch of different stores and found it at another Saks! A couple of weeks later, I needed to find another one to do an exchange (due to a loose stitching issue) and again I was able to have one on its way to me before my SA could even find one. Sometimes to get things done right, you have to do them yourself.
  10. It's definately ok to call around.
  11. Ask ur SA but call others too-If I can get a bag I want at Bergdorfs and save tax, I will . If I can't or Saks has an EGC event, I will call my SA there.
  12. I call around if i really want the bag.
  13. I would ask my SA and I would call around.
  14. I do both.
  15. im the type of person that will do whatever it takes to get what i want (not to sound snotty and whatnot i mean this to a certain extent). im sure your SA will understand :smile: